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Instagram • c.h by burncrashcal
Instagram • c.hby ♡
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  • hemmings
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Instagram 2 • c.h by burncrashcal
Instagram 2 • c.hby ♡
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The Mermaid's Jewel by GoodMagicalStories
The Mermaid's Jewelby GOODMAGIC
I'm a simple guy who lived at the orphanage in Rosefield in America. I never thought that I have the power to control my dreams. Though in all my dreams, there is one wh...
  • witchcraft
  • relationships
  • dreams
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To the ones who care||Max and Harvey Mills by MandHfanficx
To the ones who care||Max and Harv...by M.
Harvey Mills is a former pop sensation that had to step out of the lime light after a mysterious figure published everything about their personal life . Meaning: phone n...
  • mills
  • romance
  • max
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Titanium ••• Andy Strucker [Book 1] by ViolaBlack17
Titanium ••• Andy Strucker [Book 1]by ƒσяєνєяαη∂αlωαys
With a drunk mother, an ignorant stepbrother and mutant powers, Ivee Reeves felt pretty much alone in a world where mutants are hated and hunted. That is until she saved...
  • andystrucker
  • marcosdiaz
  • dreamer
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In Harmony With The Universe by BarbaraLazaridou
In Harmony With The Universeby Barbara Lazaridi
What if you felt your whole life you were an unnecessary existence? You were just going with the flow, never had the guts to stand out and follow your dreams? Always s...
  • dreamer
  • life
  • happy
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Shot on Goal by winx1348
Shot on Goalby emma rose
"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." - Wayne Gretzky Working as a bartender was never what Joelle Morrow envisioned herself doing at 24. She thought sh...
  • sports
  • flirt
  • mature
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THE WARG AND THE GREEN DREAMER,   game of thrones by fionnwhitehead
*This story follows the books* Lyanna is the twin sister of Robb Stark's, eldest daughter of Eddard's. When she meets the mysterious boy name Jojen Reed, and escapes Wi...
  • reed
  • warg
  • sangster
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The Honey-Bees by evacreates
The Honey-Beesby booksbyeva
(BxBxBxBxB) For Nikolas, myths and legends have been where he's found his strength. To him, real life is faulty and happiness can only be found in the nonexistent. After...
  • college
  • dreamer
  • depression
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The Sister? by Jules231
The Sister?by Juliaa
This is the sequel to "A Supercorp Tale", I decided to make one, since you guys liked the first one so much. This story will go around Reign, but it will also...
  • season4
  • jules231
  • james
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Blue Eyed Boy {Completed} by BoOk_DrEaMeR
Blue Eyed Boy {Completed}by ☮Kayla☮
Blue eyes. I was always a sucker for blue eyes. Every guy I've ever gone out with has blue eyes. I've seen all different shades. From midnight blue to so light that they...
  • addison
  • tyler
  • gắng
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x Kingdom Of Love x  ||Suga Y Tu|| by ficseli12
x Kingdom Of Love x ||Suga Y Tu||by Kwon's Lover
________King, es una chica de 20 años , le fusta ir de fiesta ,pero como es muy hermosa , siempre las chicas la confunden como una p***a . La vida estará a punto de da...
  • suga
  • princess
  • dreamer
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Almost by deborahomolegan
Almostby deborahomolegan
Autumn had been living the perfect life but the death of her boyfriend disrupted all peace. In the midst of her emotional storm, Autumn finally finds herself in the eye...
  • mystery
  • teenfiction
  • adventure
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вєαυτiƒυℓ ρнrαsєs by xbeautifulphrasesx
вєαυτiƒυℓ ρнrαsєsby ☾amille Oceane
ƒσя αηyσηє тнαт ηєє∂s ıηsρıяαтıση.
  • motivation
  • sadness
  • believe
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in which we try to cross the paths of all of our stars ©NCTULTS
  • eclipse
  • applyfic
  • idolgroups
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Beneath Endless Rain by NeverStopMaking
Beneath Endless Rainby ❁ NeverStopMaking ❁
Life is a mystery, that stays unsolved; love an insanity, that lasts uncured; thoughts a phenomenon, that remains unstopped. People are houses made of silver and gold, t...
  • society
  • wattys2018
  • bookofpoems
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Dreamer by neazra_zee
Dreamerby d'zee
Holly She dreams, but she doesn't sleep. Damian He sleeps, but he's not dreaming. Holly and Damian. Two souls, end up in one journey in search of their way home.
  • nightmare
  • dream
  • night
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what I'm  up to by DAFAME123
what I'm up toby j
what I DAFAME123 do with my life outside of wattpad.
  • dreamer
  • coolness
  • real
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Every Night by TheGirlDoesntCare
Every Nightby . . .
Some of our dreams can be real. They say that dreams can be real when you really pray for them. But not for me, in my case I dream him all the time. But I don't think th...
  • dreamer
  • lucid
  • night
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THAT NERDY GIRL IS THE LEADER OF A MAFIA GROUP|| icy_dreamer short stories by icy_dreamer
sinong mag aakala na ang isang mahinhin at di makabasag pinggang dalaga ay leader pala ng isang kilalang grupo ng mafia? Athena Esquivel a nerdy mafia boss this is a sh...
  • dreamer
  • icy