Day 4- The person you hate the most/ who caused you a lot of pain

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Dear ___, (don't want them to see this and call the cops on me or something)

How is it that you have all of this stuff and yet you still choose to be mean to people?! At a Catholic school, for goodness sake! I mean, your parents are super nice and not fake at all, you have mostly nice friends (until you corrupt them), and you're a really good student. So, why did you have to start bullying people?

You remember in kindergarden through fourth grade, how almost everyday at recess, you would come over to me and make fun of my name? Yeah, not as funny for me as it was for you. I don't know if you noticed or cared, but some of those days, I would hide from my friends and cry in the corner of the playground. Or was that what you were going for? You are apparently so intimidating that it took my actual friends (as opposed to your minions who were just pretending to be my friends) to stand up for me.

And from what Sophie has told me, you've only gotten worse since I left. You still have your little clique worshipping everything you do and apparently, now, you're taking perfectly nice people and teaching them to do the same things you do! I mean, Teller was one of my friends and now, she's one of the your stupid brainwashed minions. And do you remember that girl Olivia? She's one of my friends and you bullied her so badly that she switched schools! Yeah, that was YOUR fault.

Now I know I'm going to meet girls much, much worse than you once I go to high school next year, but for now, you are still the worst, honey. (By the way, calling someone "honey" has absolutely no effect on how you actually treat them.)

Hope your clique realizes they have lives other than you because that would be very interesting for everyone.



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