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Married To The MOB by ItsmySwagg_143
Married To The MOBby ItsmySwagg_143
  • kidnapped
  • mob
  • trin
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Trinity by SierraSchneider
Trinityby Sierra.Schneider
Trinity is really cool
  • trin
  • trinners
  • welcome
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Trin.Tay❤️ by boyslovetayy
Trin.Tay❤️by boyslovetayy
One Day , I met This Girl Named Trinidie . and She Has Hazel Eyes And A Cute Ass Belly Buttom
  • neverendingg
  • bff
  • tay
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Stolen by jecris3145
Stolenby jecris3145
Trin Gagner and Caroline Stole are the best of friends at their camp. Their specialty? Stealing. Or, well, at least that's Caroline's specialty. And it was Trin's as wel...
  • alex
  • stolen
  • caroline
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Wercharm by sharly123321
Wercharmby sharly123321
This is about a girl group.
  • shania
  • trin
  • charm
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Un expected times by dadooddd
Un expected timesby Officialretard
His parents are always beating him,he's getting bulled,the only person who believes him is his sixth grade teacher,mrs.price
  • trin
  • writes
Why Me!!!!! by mackmaenaenae
Why Me!!!!!by mackmaenaenae
Ok so ever since I was in high school my life was pretty messed up my mom had died of cancer my dad had left us for this slut. Then I met him the one I thought I have be...
  • shays
  • preecypoo
  • jingle
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Flaws by trinityferris
Flawsby trinityferris
Your flaws are perfect flaws are who we are
  • cool
  • bored
  • guys
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Stomp The Yard  by BabyfaceBebe
Stomp The Yard by BabyfaceBebe
Meet A 19 Year Old Named Shania Auditioning For A Big Dancing For A Big Company In Los Angles Until She Met This Guy Named Jonathan That Wanna Take There Dancing Caree...
  • terry
  • bestfrann
  • jocelyn
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Reputations||L.D by Mrs_LeoDevries143
Reputations||L.Dby Queen Jorgie
  • charlie
  • trin
  • leondre
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The Truth by cswearengun615
The Truthby cswearengun615
A girl who doesn't fit in acts different doesn't know what to do doesn't like herself and is confused .She is going though trouble and needs help she feels like she does...
  • depressed
  • sad
  • sry
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~Given Away ~Nicki Minaj Story ~ by LoveNajahh
~Given Away ~Nicki Minaj Story ~by TNajah❣️
This Story Is About Nicki Minaj Giving Her Son To A Girl She sees In Georgia But Was That a Good Idea .?~LoveNajahh
  • nicki
  • trin
  • fred
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Togan; Together Forever by PandaBlackBerry
Togan; Together Foreverby PandaBlackBerry
Love of Trinity and Logan. A very good looking girl and good looking guy fall in love.
  • togetherforever
  • love
  • log
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The Monarchy Love (Discontinued) by Irena456draws
The Monarchy Love (Discontinued)by Alisa Vang
This is story that is based off of the my ocs story and mixed with undertale aus. Basically a cringy fanfic with some of my friend's ocs falling in love with one of the...
  • ocs
  • sci
  • lucinda
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Leło And Me | L.D. [PL] [ZAWIESZONE] by AikoPL
Leło And Me | L.D. [PL] [ mrs_anqe
Ania, zwykła nastolatka, której życie wydawało się być cudownym, ale tak nie było. Leo, Bad Boy który miał wszystkich w dupie, dotąd gdy nie pojawiła się ona.
  • anna
  • leondre
  • trin
all alone part 1 by bamatt00
all alone part 1by aubree anderson
this is a trinidad cardona story. enjoy!
  • trin
These L.A. Boys..... by sweeteststorieshere
These L.A. Sweeteststorieshere
  • kyla
  • gator
  • kylaandgus
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