Ghostface Preferences and Imagines  by Kileyvan
Ghostface Preferences and Imagines by Kiley Rose
Includes Billy Loomis, Stu Macher,and Mickey Altieri, and Roman Bridger. I do take request. Feel free to PM me.
  • ghostface
  • stumacher
  • scream
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Slasher movies. Father Scenario's by Kittywriteshorror
Slasher movies. Father Scenario'sby Kittywriteshorror
The famous slasher is your dad, what will happen? Many scenarios of you growing up under your fathers wing.
  • freddykruegerxreader
  • horrormovies
  • michaelmyersxreader
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Yandere Slashers Scenerioes (Yandere Various Slashers X Reader)  by EPICNESSQUEEN21
Yandere Slashers Scenerioes (Yande...by EPICNESSQUEEN21
Sceneroies for the Yandere slasher or slashers you want. There needs to be more Yanderes and More love for the slashers. I am co authoring with... https://www.quotev.com...
  • ít
  • scream
  • readerxcharacter
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Pennywise x Reader by AWildBimbo
Pennywise x Readerby AWildBimbo
As a young, naive child, you once came across a small gutter on the side of the road. Being only a young child, you didn't think twice when you were greeted by the thin...
  • scary
  • romance
  • xreader
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Halloween: Classic Horror Movie Parent Scenarios by Jaredslilmonster22
Halloween: Classic Horror Movie Pa...by Jess' badboyleto1226
I thought since Halloween is coming, why not do a Halloween book. Requests are open to do any Classic Horror Movie Icon. I will do Michael Myers, Freddy, Jason, Chucky...
  • scenarios
  • chucky
  • michaelmyers
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Ghostface Parent Preferences  by Kileyvan
Ghostface Parent Preferences by Kiley Rose
Includes Billy, Stu, Mickey, and Roman
  • preferences
  • billyloomis
  • ghostface
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A Whole Lot Of  Frog Brothers & Sam Emerson X Reader Imagines/ Prefs. by XxShadowVailxX
A Whole Lot Of Frog Brothers & Sa...by ⚰️XxShadowsVeilxX⚰️
"Where the hell are you from Krypton?" "Phoenix actually," (Jk I'm from CT.)
  • edgarfrog
  • horrormovie
  • alanfrog
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Horror imagines (on hold !) by crooked-canine
Horror imagines (on hold !)by crooked-canine
Just some imagines of different slashers and horror/thriller characters . . . . I own no images I use. I'm also a bit rusty at writing lol.
  • thrillers
  • chucky
  • fridaythe13th
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Slasher Central by AnonymousFan03
Slasher Centralby Someone
What would happen if horror slashers came together and formed an alliance. With all of them living under one roof. In this story all of the movies you know all your favo...
  • johnkramer
  • michaelmyers
  • jigsaw
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horror movies ( remade )  by mephiles111
horror movies ( remade ) by Mephiles the dark
Horror Movies!!!! Enjoy!
  • fridaythe13th
  • horrormovies
  • jasonvoorhees
Slashers ||Book Two|| by diccals
Slashers ||Book Two||by Norman Bates
[REQUESTS CLOSED] The sequel to my first Slashers x Reader book. Filled with romance, smut, violence and swearing.
  • sexy
  • freddykrueger
  • fanfiction
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Tiffany One-Shots (childs play) by jazzieDxox
Tiffany One-Shots (childs play)by jasmine deville
one shots and solos etc of Tiffany
  • jennifertilly
  • murderousbride
  • tiffany
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Slasher/horror movie roleplay by scenekidxoxo
Slasher/horror movie roleplayby Bi bi bi
Title! Wattpad won't let me add a cover!
  • horrormovierp
  • slashers
  • slasherroleplay
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(Horror) Movie Killers X Reader (Lemons + Non-Lemons) by Mars2406
(Horror) Movie Killers X Reader (L...by Mars2406
Just read the title. Some parts will be mature and I'll add a warning, but others will be friendly except for gore and stuff. Enjoy!
  • hush
  • halloween
  • romance
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Welcome to Crystal Lake (ENG) by itachiuchihaforever
Welcome to Crystal Lake (ENG)by itachiuchihaforever
A girl, her parents, her dog, and a new home. A lake, a forest, and an unfortunate campsite. Some teens, a small vacation and a ruthless immortal serial killer. Differen...
  • jasonvoorhees
  • crystallake
  • lake
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Slashers x Reader One-Shots by Red_scarfed_person
Slashers x Reader One-Shotsby Kuku~ (Eli)
This book will be full of many Slashers! Any requests are welcomed any time! Unfortunately, I can't upload too often, though I will try to! Check out other cringy storie...
  • voorhees
  • fridaythe13th
  • michael
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Horror Movie Roleplay by melancholymyers
Horror Movie Roleplayby 🔪 Michael 🎭
- Halloween - Friday The 13th - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • freddykrueger
  • thetexaschainsawmassacre
  • jasonvoorhees
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Horror Movie Quotes by HorrorWriter666
Horror Movie Quotesby HorrorWriter666
Just some quotes from horror movies.
  • pinhead
  • pennywise
  • horrormovie
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(Fear and Love) Pennywise x Reader by AnaKat3333
(Fear and Love) Pennywise x Readerby Katrina Doyle
Y/n L/n just moved to Derry with her abusive father. Her mother had passed in the hospital a few years back and this caused her dad to become a drunk. As Y/n starts her...
  • romance
  • pennywisexreader
  • sad
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Texas chainsaw massacre x reader pt 2 by HorrorSlasher
Texas chainsaw massacre x reader p...by HorrorSlasher
pt 2
  • hewitt
  • horrormovie
  • freddykrueger
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