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Welcome to Pyrrhia - a WoF/KotLC Crossover by ArtiRox
Welcome to Pyrrhia - a WoF/KotLC ➳ A r † e m i s ➳
Sophie Foster. Y'know, just your average everyday elf. Except she has brown eyes. And more powers. Actually, maybe not that normal. So, it should be normal to meet drago...
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My Tribute To Sophie Lancaster by MarleyWayLeto
My Tribute To Sophie Lancasterby Yes, I have a name.
It's been 5 years this week since the brutal and savage murder of Sophie Lancaster, and this is here to tell you exactly what happened on 11 August, 2007.
Eleven Years Later by GryffindorGirly
Eleven Years Laterby Mia
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Training Problems by PJOfanatix
Training Problemsby PJOfanatix
Sophie, Biana, Keefe, Dex, and Fitz have made it to the Black Swan headquarters. But when they start training, some problems arise... problems that may not be able to be...
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The Truth About Candleshade by jessica_is_here03
The Truth About Candleshadeby Full Time Fangirl
When Keefe leaves for Neverseen, Sophie does everything she can to help Keefe out. At first he doesn't want help, but he starts to take the help and replay his experienc...
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Sian's Return. by OliviaAtSix
Sian's OliviaAtSix
On the anniversary of their split, Sian returns to Weatherfield.
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The Last Witness by AuthorJessicaKhoury
The Last Witnessby Jessica Khoury
After the events in Origin, Dr. Harriet Fields has been on a mission: to gather witnesses of the heinous acts committed by Corpus, in hopes of exposing the biotech compa...
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Mr. Perfect by JumpInTheRhythm
Mr. Perfectby in your dreams
Every girl have their own Mr. Perfect. Even if they don't, I make sure they do... I've been through a lot of make-ups, break-ups, .... and let's just say lots and LOTS O...
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Sophie and sian by brachafan
Sophie and sianby brachafan
Just my own little Version of sian and Sophie's big story
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My Best Friend Is Best Friends With A Snob by MNarissa
My Best Friend Is Best Friends MNarissa
Laura Williams, an eighth grader who has been stung by the snob. That's right, a snob has stolen her best friend. How far can a snob go, as far as she needs to. This sto...
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A Hundred Splendid Books by despiirited
A Hundred Splendid Booksby despiirited
Hey guys! So this is just a collection of published books that I would recommend. Some of them are aimed at older and more mature readers, whilst others may be suited fo...
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Sophie by B_Minnie
Sophieby B_Minnie
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Pokemon XY - Professor Love Troubles by lil_steph
Pokemon XY - Professor Love Steph
A Pokemon XY fanfiction with Lysandre, Professor Sycamore, Sophie his assistant, Diantha and Malva, slight hints of megashipping but mainly Sophie x Sycamore
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Uthed by sophalof
Uthedby sophalof
This is the second story that my brother has written. Now he is five
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Fifty Shades Deeper by laters_baby_fifty
Fifty Shades Deeperby laters_baby_fifty
This is the sequel to Fifty Shades Freed. I really hope you enjoy. I'm not expecting this to be perfect by any means. Any constructive advice will be gladly welcomed. J
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Daughter of the darkness. by LaurenLovesHerDino
Daughter of the Lauren Smith
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Forgotten Love by Blossom_Peaches
Forgotten Loveby Jessica
Sequel to My Brother's Best Friend.. It's been five years since the day that Zac Sanders left Sophie Danvers waiting for him at the airport with news that made her the...
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Forever mine. 1D vampire fanfic by soonni
Forever mine. 1D vampire fanficby Sophie
Sophie and Chloee are best friends. After a one direction concert is over, they here a small scream coming from the dark ally right next to the building. What they see s...
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HELLBOUND -Fire in the Water (Book 2) by -ELEJAH
HELLBOUND -Fire in the Water ( -ELEJAH
This is the Sequel to the story Fire in the Water. So I suggest you first read that story- :) Tvd with the Originals together- and they are Hellbound!! A new adventure i...
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