faerie. 〚spam/rant〛 by -evenings
faerie. 〚spam/rant〛by 𝐫𝐮.
❝ im marrying sophia lillis and you cant stop me ❞ ruth gives her opinions and r ants in some of the gayest wa ys possible. © -evenings START | 02.19.18 REMAKE |...
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Things to read when you're bored by PagodaYiming
Things to read when you're boredby PagodaYiming
A collection of interesting facts and jokes....Hmmm....I just realized I really should make this a little know, to entice the reader an...
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Quotes, Jokes, and More by NerdsLife321
Quotes, Jokes, and Moreby Alani Quinones
Me trying to be funny when I know I probably am not. Not all jokes are from me. Dm if you want me to put a joke in here that you like. I hope if you do read you enjoy. D...
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Baldi x reader (Lemon warning ;)) by -geunyeo
Baldi x reader (Lemon warning ;))by Des★
COMPLETED! -xoxo Des
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My Edits by daddydechart
My Editsby ♡ Love Lockdown ♡
This is what happens when I get bored. Enjoy this shitpost.
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Got Cat? by catchumylife
Got Cat?by Cat
Memes. Dreams. BTS. A few my thoughts. And a little bit of inspiration Heavy language usage. Suck it up :)
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cot of prickly roses by _zeusavery
cot of prickly rosesby _zeusavery
pretty much just a dream journal haha.. enjoy my messed up dreams! and as always, don't steal my stuff. thx
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bleach. by milkshakked
#8 nya
why sip tea when you can have bleach?
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Spicy Memes by _skbae_
Spicy Memesby come hither
Some nice memes for your viewing pleasure. This is probably going to be my greatest shame. And my greatest victory.
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whatever  by manianlunacy
whatever by Miraa~
this is very important I'm looking for friends help out a bish and be her friend she's super nice
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road work ahead by _zeusavery
road work aheadby _zeusavery
This story is just a bunch of stories.. but they're all made with a co author. pretty much wrote a story, but swapped pages a bunch of times. some are good.. some are ba...
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Jokes On You.  by wbrandon94
Jokes On You. by wbrandon94
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Cringy Stick Man Comics by DragonDemonGodFairy
Cringy Stick Man Comicsby DragonDemon
A cringy stick man comic. It's not funny. Drew in MS.Paint Windows 7 version.
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Random shiz  by zetelia
Random shiz by zetelia
I'm just bored and have nothing else to do =_=
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The Dreadful Tale of Potassium Defeciency by aleiismyflag
The Dreadful Tale of Potassium Poppity Ping
∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ Hi I drink milk by the gallon
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Rattled by sadregionalsalesman
Rattledby sadregionalsalesman
A young man with a part-time minimum wage job hopes to kickstart his career as a functioning member of society. However, things get really fucking weird.
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kpop reactions by btsarmyswreckers
kpop reactionsby kim Seol
I'd be skjfjdnbduiw sorry idk
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Crazyness In A Book by saturnsbinch
Crazyness In A Bookby Saturn
This is a book about me, the things that I say, and some rants.
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