I Can't Hate You (Kenny McCormick x Reader) by Curryyay
I Can't Hate You (Kenny *Curry
(y / n ) (l / n ) A sweet girl inside and out....unless you manage to get on her bad side. Kenny Mccormick The school's player, cheater, womanizer, sex god, one-night st...
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Things to read when you're bored by PagodaYiming
Things to read when you're boredby PagodaYiming
A collection of interesting facts and jokes....Hmmm....I just realized I really should make this a little know, to entice the reader an...
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FAERIE. [SPAM && RANT!] by -evenings
FAERIE. [SPAM && RANT!]by ☆ ruth ☆
❝ im marrying sophia lillis and you cant stop me ❞ ruth gives her opinions and r ants in some of the gayest wa ys possible. © -evenings START | 02.19.18 REMAKE |...
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Got Cat? by catchumylife
Got Cat?by Rhetacine
Memes. Dreams. BTS. A few my thoughts. And a little bit of inspiration Heavy language usage. Suck it up :)
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I'm NOT Funny by Allyn_Racki
I'm NOT Funnyby Ally
I try to tell you guys about my life whilst trying to be funny. As the title says, I'm NOT funny. Be prepared for cringey attempts at being funny. God, I can't believe t...
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FAKE of LIFE by deenryhorrn
Wut do you think bout FAke + LIFE? (actually idk wut to write on this)
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sugar // rants and misc! by bIoody_inspired
sugar // rants and misc!by ≻baby yeontan≺
°•.sweet as candy.•° ~ in which I talk about anything that I think you want to hear ~
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I want to die by stupid12yearoldgurl
I want to dieby Mustachelover
You want to die. Suicidal depression. Anger issues. 1 friend. No parents. Bully's. This shits real. She gets the whole package. Minus the happy part. Angry or sad. Nothi...
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Fetus Spaghetti by Saltedfeet
Fetus Spaghettiby Saltus Feetus
After a failed dinner plan, it's up to Gustavio himself to summon the monster, which strangely resembles an unborn child, and destroy it before it grows too strong for t...
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Spicy Memes by _skbae_
Spicy Memesby smooth like a 🐍
Some nice memes for your viewing pleasure. This is probably going to be my greatest shame. And my greatest victory.
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Annoying Gc (WDW) by melaveryx
Annoying Gc (WDW)by ‧★,:*:‧ melany the meme‧:*‧°★*
"where's my food you hoes!" Just one text that brings everyone together. Or, do they really get along? (on-going) ⚠( Lots of cursing )
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The Phyco's crappy qoutes and jokes by kittythekiller0724
The Phyco's crappy qoutes and jokesby ❤?kittkat?❤
some i may find in the internet and some are gonna be mine and some gonna be my memes kapishe (cover belongs to me i made it in an avatar game)
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I just... I don't know by DaggerWolfy
I just... I don't knowby DaggerWolfy
............................. Don't ask (All rights belong to me because I'm boring .--.)
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IT'S NCT by young_dreamers
IT'S NCTby Dreamies
Just some information about NCT, my opinions, some funny memes and maybe some random rants :D Members: Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Kun, Jisung, Chenle, Jaehyun, Jeno...
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Daddy; a Keemstar fanfiction by lucidethis
Daddy; a Keemstar fanfictionby lucidethis
A poor college student named Alex is depressed from being single. He ends up attempting suicide, and almost dies...until he shows up.
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Shimmerkit's Destiny: BramblePotatoKitties Worst Warriors Story Ever by BramblePotatoKitties
Shimmerkit's Destiny: Gummy Spice
In this riveting Warrior Cats tale, follow the journey of the terrible OC Shimmerpaw and her quest to become the best cat the forest has ever seen, prophesied by StarCla...
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Rantbook d'une canette  grunge by kravesnirvana
Rantbook d'une canette grungeby créatricedetalent
Moi, entrain de faire autre chose que mes devoirs, *mdr*, ok. Rien n'est dans le titre. Bi-cyclette..
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kpop reactions by btsarmyswreckers
kpop reactionsby kim Seol
I'd be skjfjdnbduiw sorry idk
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Marriage // d.a. by HeymanForPres
Marriage // future diva lily
"Vixie, will you marry me?" He asked, bending down on one knee. My heart swelled at the sight of his tear filled eyes that twinkled with his love for me, but I...
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