It Will Never Happen. by Ilayda_Stories
It Will Never Happen.by 𝓲.Cósmico
Call it poetry, call it a diary, call this book whatever you want. We're all here to understand a feeling in each chapter, a bad or a good feeling. These feelings are...
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|Look At Me| XXXTentacion by SlumpGurl
|Look At Me| XXXTentacionby SlumpGurl
R.I.P. Jahseh D. Onfroy
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Trouble With the Campus Silent hearthrob SLOW UPDATE (Remake Of CIWTW) by NadzGraceNudalo
Trouble With the Campus Silent hea...by NadzGrace Nudalo
no description available for a moment
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I miss you ! by tommy_love
I miss you !by Amina amina
- Помогите!!! - Кричала Эмили -Ну что ? Попалась!!- Говорил парень - Джейсон отпусти !!- Эмили -Ну теперь ты от меня никуда не убежишь - я почувствовала резкую боль в...
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The Doctor's Half Sister by SupernaturalBitches
The Doctor's Half Sisterby #AlwaysKeepFighting
Hi My name is Cara Winchester yes I am also the half sister of Sam and Dean Winchester but I already told about that part of my life now it is time to tell the side wher...
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Im In Love With My Boy Bestfriend by SuperPie18
Im In Love With My Boy Bestfriendby
Friends nga lang ba? O mahal na? Yun ang tanong na gumugulo sa isipan ni Dapney di nya kasi alam na bigla na lang sya nafall sa bestfriend nya
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GOODBYE <3 by kooks-cigarettae
GOODBYE <3by .
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Epilepsy *First book of Epileptic series* by LLNH_fiction
Epilepsy *First book of Epileptic...by gabby
Harry has Epilepsy since he was 6 years old. The seizures had been getting worse as he got older. Flashing lights and sudden loud noises was usually the trigger but he s...
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Miss Me or Not by ofdyingembers
Miss Me or Notby espoir mortelle
❝Did you miss me?❞ ❝No.❞ * * * A musically-talented girl persistently asks a particular athletic boy if he's missed her, and his answer is always the same. _________...
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Quotes You Needs by mr_nomnom26
Quotes You Needsby mr_nomnom26
semua orang pasti pernah down kan? entah itu karena teman, sahabat, pacar, maupun keluarga. so, disini aku kasi kalian kumpulan" quotes atau kata" motivasi yan...
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HOPE - SongFiction by l_atifa95
HOPE - SongFictionby .
for someone healing smile ,even though there is still a wounds deep inside...
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Ghost of you.. (Ashton Irwin) by MaliksEnergyJuice
Ghost of you.. (Ashton Irwin)by ◟̽◞̽
"Hey Ashton. It's me again. I know it's been a few years, and I should've moved on by now but. I just can't! You're- I mean... you were the most important thing in...
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Miss You by CDMorgan
Miss Youby CDMorgan
A drunken call makes Louis realize that he maybe isn't over the green eyed singer as he thought he was. But maybe song writing, shots and green eyed strangers can make h...
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Caro papà.. by VeronicaFragola2
Caro papà..by Veronica Fragola
Mi Manchi papà
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Σ' εμπιστεύομαι by Dreamer148d
Σ' εμπιστεύομαιby Dreamer148d
Γλυκό μου.. Αν και πέρασες σαν ανοιξιάτικο αεράκι μέσα από τη ζωή μου, εγώ πάλι κάθησα και άδιασα την καρδιά και τα συναισθήματα μου σε ένα εικονικό "χαρτί" γι...
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A tu lado. by Moonlight060903
A tu lado.by Moonlight060903
Un intento de one shot que se me ocurrió. Quise hacerlo sobre algún fandom en específico, pero no se me ocurrió ninguno para relacionarlo. Disfrútenlo.
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Why Did You Leave? //Phan// by Some1bi
Why Did You Leave? //Phan//by Emily Gomez
Dear Phil Lester, . . . . . . . . . Why did you leave? Its been years since Phil Lester left his and Dan's apartment. Since then, Dan moved in with his mom, so heart bro...
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short stories. by morganklukens
short stories.by m
some of the short stories are inspired by songs, and if they are, ill put the song and artist at the beginning of the short story. morganklukens©
  • heartbreak
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Short love stories by Dunni-A
Short love storiesby Dunni
Different love stories, some well known others not so much. Read with an open mind and relish in the emotions that come with it. Read Like Comment
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David by ThornDragon
Davidby ThornDragon
What happened to us?
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