Smut by I_Am_The_Fallen_One
Smutby Theodore
Gay smut because yes. And possibly lesbian smut because also yes(its not very likely that i will but i might), but no straight smut cuz no it makes me uncomfortable for...
  • praisekink
  • onepiece
  • taehyung
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If My Love Is Suicide (Nalu) by Saricchi
If My Love Is Suicide (Nalu)by Saricchi
Lucy Heartfilia, school nerd. Nastu, school playboy. Two totally different lives that some how intertwine. Lucy is the schools laughing stock. She deals with depression...
  • abusivedad
  • fanfiction
  • heartfillia
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Belonging to Brooks by Madelyn8110
Belonging to Brooksby Madelyn Woods
Life seems perfect from the outside. Atleast for everyone else who looks at the family that Clary thought she needed and craved. The love they promised, drew her in. B...
  • wattys2018
  • school
  • reality
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Dear Bully by spazzystiles
Dear Bullyby Shawn is my Muffin
Dear Bully, You called me a fat whore today in class. The class laughed, even the teacher smiled. I wonder if you guys know that I'm Annorexic. I wonder of you know th...
  • name-calling
  • bullied
  • abused
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Fuck boy x bad boy taekook by Star_Glyder03
Fuck boy x bad boy taekookby Taekook_lover123
Taehyung is a Badboy Jungkook is Fuckboy they hate eachother But can one night at a party change their 'friendship' Warning~ -smut -fluff (because I am softie) -degrad...
  • namecalling
  • badboy
  • boy
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My life? by 10Travis10
My life?by Loubear
Hey everybody, well im just going to say this now, im bored and really want to write. I had no clue what to write and didn't have the motivation to work on my other stor...
  • bullying
  • personal
  • name-calling
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New day of hell by I_LOVE_ALL_THE_CATS_
New day of hellby I_LOVE_ALL_THE_CATS_
Bulling,abuse,bxb,sex,hatful language Jackson is a very quiet and lonely boy he had one best/only friend and he name was Lulu his life isn't the best he's a nerd and a g...
  • love
  • abusing
  • namecalling
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Simon ( warnings for dubious consent and extreme smuttyness !! )  by hell-here-i-come
Simon ( warnings for dubious hell-here-i-come
Hi! This is my first fanfic and it's just gonna be a really smutty one direction one , basically this is my imagination of what happened in 2012 with Simon cowell being...
  • louisandharry
  • dubious
  • spanking
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Face Claim by WandaGraphics
Face Claimby Nebulae
Here you can find both males and females faces for your characters ! You can also find names ideas
  • characterdevelopment
  • character
  • casting
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Cute in the streets, rude in the sheets - Jikook ✓ by Jikook_Feelings
Cute in the streets, rude in the Jikook_Feelings
In which Jimin is the perfect representation of Cute in the streets, rude in the sheets but Jungkook doesn't know [X] Smut [X] Name calling [X] Foul Language [X] BoyxBoy
  • jimin
  • jeon
  • firsttime
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Stubborn as Mules (Romantic #SPG) by BlackHorizon90
Stubborn as Mules (Romantic #SPG)by BlackHorizon90
SHORT STORY. COMPLETED. "The two had strong personalities and were stubborn as mules. Neither of them was going anywhere...and everyone suffered because of it, part...
  • shortstory
  • wild
  • completed
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A Book Of One Shots by NatalieChambers4
A Book Of One Shotsby Natalie Chambers
This is a book of one shots The genres will very on each one LBGTQ+ Some might be triggering Hope you enjoy
  • oneshots
  • namecalling
  • familylove
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Character X Reader Smut by CatWhiskers246
Character X Reader Smutby Winters
Exactly what the title is! Send me requests!!!
  • namecalling
  • mature
  • kinky
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Speech about bullying by skyusummer1234
Speech about bullyingby skyusummer1234
This speech is about bullying. This is part of experience and how bullying feels to a certain person. I hope you enjoy
  • meanwords
  • bullying
  • harrasment
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Dan Howell Neko And Daddy Phil by CatWhiskers246
Dan Howell Neko And Daddy Philby Winters
Smut, kinky, daddy, owner, some language, others will be notified..... Dan Howell is a little neko wondering the street. One person will change his life from hiding and...
  • danhowell
  • phillester
  • kitty
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classy & lacy  by Ichiom
classy & lacy by ♡•_Ichiom_•♡
I fucking hate being told what to do.
  • gore
  • mdlb
  • kinky
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