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Twins: A different life - Hiatus by xx_Bluezzy
Twins: A different life - Hiatusby Zanthiel
Thanks to dumbledore, the Potters kept Rosina The-Girl-Who-Lived and threw away her twin Harry. The real Boy-Who-Lived is now with his godfather and best friend in Slyth...
  • wattys2018
  • wrongboywholived
  • founders
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descendants song book by Maggie_Ocean
descendants song bookby Maggie Ocean
just the song's from descendants one and two
  • coolness
  • cookies
  • rotten
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Shadow Apocalypse by fallenangel_girl
Shadow Apocalypseby fallenangel_girl
A twisted neverland story I do NOT own the rights to neverland or Wendy darling or Peter and that kindnif stuff.
  • neverland
  • awesomeness
  • peterpan
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Altaïr Black (Adopted story) by nielpotterawe
Altaïr Black (Adopted story)by nielpotterawe
Hi people.I adopted this story.Thus Iam continuing int from the backstory that has allready been written.This is the story of Altaïr Black.A wizard/assasin.Please enjoy...
  • fanfic
  • hiddenblades
  • awesome
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Tmnt truth and dare by luckyponyofthestars
Tmnt truth and dareby luckyponyofthestars
Tmnt truth or dare!!
  • coolness
  • fanfic
  • funny
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The Secret..of Kora by olliejade04
The Secret..of Koraby Ø Ł Ł Į Ę
This book is about a young girl, who was adopted into a family she didn't like. She goes through many adventures on the way, and eventually, realizes she wasn't meant to...
  • action
  • funny
  • coolness
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COOL PICS! by ipinkzoe
This is just a bunch of parts filled with cool pictures.
  • only
  • heheh
  • awesomeness
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The Power Of 7 by ElenaRocks121
The Power Of 7by ElenaRocks121
7 heroes...7 powers...7 mysteries The Power of 7 is about seven normal high school teenagers who are absolutely nothing alike. Then one day, they discover hidden powers...
  • awesome
  • elenarocks121
  • coolness
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25 Facts About Me You Didn't Know by Meandmyselfandhim
25 Facts About Me You Didn't Knowby Sierra Marshall
Exactly what the title says.
  • random
  • theauthor
  • boredom
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School girl by kittyread13
School girlby kittyread13
A diary
  • famouseandnonfamouse
  • life
  • coolness
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Zirian by emmarox1
Zirianby EmJ
Harper Kelly had been born into a family that didn't appreciate her. She lived unnoticed and under-respected all her life, just because she was different. One day her fa...
  • cara
  • isaac
  • alieninvasion
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Ascension by Wiazard_Aetherious
Ascensionby Wiazard_Aetherious
Dear Director and others, If you are reading this letter then that means that the Ark-ship class called The Ascension has rocketed into space with several of our tech. Y...
  • romance
  • arbitrary
  • ark
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Future Earth by seanlongboy
Future Earthby seanlongboy
The FUTURE EARTH is a story of a alien invasion that scare the people, ofcourse all the presidents of all the country build their own high tech armours, robots, planes...
  • epic
  • scifi
  • coolness
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What is your problem by undertalefandomist
What is your problemby Justgettindrunk
  • angels
  • strangerthings
  • demons
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wizard world book 1 by 123guyman
wizard world book 1by 123guyman
this book was copied off a game me and friends made called "wizards ask/called for help"
  • coolness
  • longstory
  • wizardworld
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about me and some art by BloopMe27
about me and some artby ❤
comics, neat art and weird ass conversions I have with my fwends. yey buddy
  • random
  • weird
  • coolness
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Weird and random things by rosie_star05
Weird and random thingsby rosie_star05
Weird and random pictures with stories to explain them. But it still doesn't make it any less weird and random
  • random
  • life
  • weird
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