Day 17- A stranger

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Dear............... well, whoever reads this,

That fact that you're reading this means you're a stalker. Yeah, I'm talking to you, Wattpad reader. *squints eyes at you* Think about it. You and I probably don't know each other and you are reading something that I didn't necessary mean for you to read. Well, this letter is to you, so you're meant to read this, but you're not necessary supposed to read the other letters. And I'm betting most of you are reading this because you're a fan and you noticed that I updated. And the fact that you're a fan means that you probably read my bio, because no one fans me because of my writing.............. *sniffle, sob*.............. Which, by default, makes you a stalker. Because you are gathering information on someone you don't know. o.O

Don't worry, though. Almost everyone, if not everyone I know is an online stalker to someone else. Even I am an Internet stalker. So, don't worry, lil' stalker Padiwan. You are not alone in your online stalking.

Remember what I've told you here.

Nice talking to you.


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