The Art of Disappearing and Reappearing {Percy Jackson/Chaos AU} by Alexis_RM_Oh
The Art of Disappearing and A.R.M.O.
Fifty years ago, Perseus Jackson disappeared off the face of the earth. No one ever knew why. Many have come to believe that the great hero has died. Few believe he is t...
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The Otherworldly World of Animals by XxCoco_JaypeexX
The Otherworldly World of Animalsby Coco Jaypee
Everybody knows that when humans kick the bucket, they go to somewhere very far away called Paradise. But what about animals? Where do they go when their time is up? Wh...
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Rainfall by nolongermystic
Rainfallby °• mystic •°
(Book One in The Fall Series) In Ava's world, the rain had never stopped. Anxiety. Fear. And anger. Those where the three main emotions Ava Williams had chosen never to...
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To My Husband of the Dirt, by layneinchains
To My Husband of the Dirt,by layneinchains
To My Husband of the Dirt, You are no more. You once were flesh and unripped skin. Your eyes- do they shine in the grave like they did staring at mine long ago? On the p...
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