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Emotionless (ON HOLD/EDITING) by TypeUsername
Emotionless (ON HOLD/EDITING)by TypeUsername
Ten years ago, Rylee Willows was in a car accident where her parents died and her twin brother disappeared. Since then she has never shown emotion to anyone. Because of...
  • rejected
  • emotionless
  • love
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Dance Again (Dancing Styles Sequel) by rinkadink
Dance Again (Dancing Styles Sequel)by Lucy
Bella's back! But not the sweet innocent little girl she was 11 years ago. 11 years ago, Lucy and Harry got remarried, and to Harry, it was his fairytale ending. But not...
  • kiss
  • starbucks
  • one
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Waiting Game (BWWM) [Short Story: COMPLETED] by aprilnicole17
Waiting Game (BWWM) [Short Mrs. Styles
***COMPLETED*** Coming from an abusive home and losing the love of her life only at the tender age of 19, Cassie loses her belief in love and only seeks out physical att...
  • story
  • non
  • undiscovered
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Original | The Art of Disappearing and Reappearing | Book I by Alexis_RM_Oh
Original | The Art of A.R.M.O.
Fifty years ago, Perseus Jackson disappeared off the face of the earth. No one ever knew why. Many have come to believe that the great hero has died. Few believe he is t...
  • legacies
  • percyjackson
  • frankzhang
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Mortuis by CerebralAcumen
Mortuisby Idle
Eude Berenger was, in essence, worthless. Perhaps worthless is far too vague, but in comparison to his extraordinary peers who are notably abhuman with their peculiar ab...
  • deceased
  • enticing
  • fantasy
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Protect My Boys by Childs_Play01
Protect My Boysby Childs_Play01
"I am Shonda, your new guardian". Shonda Clemente has always been an hard to read girl, the exact reason why her best friend Jacob Punks decided to leave behin...
  • wealthyman
  • family
  • shonda
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Fear by conococa
Fearby conococa
Read to find out
  • death
  • conococa
  • suicideattempt
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Unbearable. by axmani_
#8 axmani_
Story was originally intended to be apart of the "600 words of love" contest, unfortunately i missed the due date but out of boredom i decided to finish the st...
  • forgotten
  • wattys2015
  • depressed
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If You Could See Me ≫ Niall Horan/Ghost by AbandonedxLove
If You Could See Me ≫ Niall ghost cat
Niall Horan's dreams have came true. He's had a #1 album, sold out arenas, and most important of all--performed at Madison Square Garden. And he's done it with his 4 bes...
  • sad
  • ghosts
  • death
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Brother by austinblade
Brotherby Austin Harris
  • brother
  • deceased
  • heaven
The Painter's Assistant (Coming Fall or Winter 2013) by infinitywrite
The Painter's Assistant (Coming Jayliana Scott (Jay)
"There is blood stained on her white lace dress, Painter." This will not be a story about romance, for I have met too few people who have truly fallen in love...
  • attic
  • alone
  • evil
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A Dozen Roses by AidenConnorPoe
A Dozen Rosesby AidenConnorPoe
Goodbyes are never easy
  • annrice
  • flowers
  • departed
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Wikia Page for Deceased by Lovegame_18
Wikia Page for Deceasedby Lovegame_18
As you can probably tell by this title of this particular 'story', IT WILL HAVE SPOILERS. So you've been warned as of now. I've decided to create this to put together a...
  • information
  • deceased
  • list
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Nothing To Live For by The1975Bravery
Nothing To Live Forby The1975Bravery
Alone. That's all ill ever be. Initially, I never intended for this to happen. But there she was. Standing. Looking at me with another emotion aside from what others had...
  • sad
  • normality
  • seeme
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You Don't Have To Worry Anymore Destiny" by DeeDeePhelps
You Don't Have To Worry Anymore Dustin Phelps
I'm in a hospital with no memory of why. i just know I see my body in front of me.
  • death
  • deceased
30 Day Letter Challenge by ToriMondello
30 Day Letter Challengeby Tori Mondello
I am writing a letter every day for 30 days! This ought to be fun!
  • personal
  • l1venotjustsurv1ve
  • deceased
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