Day 3- Your favorite Internet friend

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Dear Sabrina,

Hey there, Professor Fluffy Pants! Oh crap, sorry! I didn't mean to say your real name...... Well, whatever, it doesn't change anything between us........ right?

Sabrina, I just need to ask you two questions: 1) How is it that you're so freakin' awesome? and 2) How have I never met you in real life?! I just figured that all people as weird as us orbit in the same area and eventually knock into each other and became BFFs. Oh well, we've done that over the Internet, so I guess it's all cool xP

You are seriously one of the best friends I have ever had. I'm not just saying that, I freakin' mean it, my friend. How could we not be best friends, with our mutual weirdness and our obsessions with writing and the Hunger Games? Not to mention the EPIC short story you wrote for my birthday! That was without a doubt one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me in the history of this universe (just this one, because I don't know what's happened to me in the other ones.) And just FYI, of course, I haven't forgotten your birthday and I'm gonna try my best to top you, but you've made that a freakin' hard promise to keep.

I'm still amazed how we started this friendship! Just think, all that time ago, I was just an innocent (well, not really), young (that's true), naive (ummm.... I don't think so) child who was sending you information for the character of mine that was going to be written into your Hunger Games fanfic. I've come to the conclusion that that was the precise moment that the world emploded from our awesomeness because through that conversation, we realized just how weird the other one was. (BTW, tell your cats I say hey!)

But, in all seriousness, (or as much as I can manage) you are one of the coolest people I've ever has the pleasure to talk to. Stay strong, okay? You can get through this.

Love you!

Lots of love,


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