Day 7- The person you miss the most

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  • Dedicated to Bridget

Dear Bridget,

Hey girl! How has life been for you? Life is incredibly boring for me, but you know how I roll. I'm sugarin' and spicin' things up as best as I can ;D

Can you believe it's been almost six years since we last saw each other? We last saw each other in person at your oldest sister's wedding (by the way, I never told you this, but you were absolutely adorable as flower girl) =). I'll tell you what, that was the most fun I have ever had on a trip. Remember when you, me, my brothers, Angela, Liz, Dominic, and Greg went up to the top of the hotel in the elevator and then ran around the entire floor before coming back to the elevator and do basically the exact same thing to almost every floor? Oh god, we were laughing so loudly the entire time, I was surprised none of the people staying in the hotel complained to us to keep it down xD

I've been wondering this for the past couple days (and don't ask why, I really just started thinking about it out of the blue), but do you still have that chair that I painted and gave to you that week? It's fine if you don't, I'm just geniunely curious.

Angela stopped by last year to see my brother graduate (by the way, tell Liz a late "Congratulations!" from me on her graduation.) Isabelle is absolutely adorable! I find it really hard to believe that you've become an aunt (and Greg and Dominic have become uncles.... O.O That's an even weirder thought) several times before I've become one even once! You're two years younger than me, for goodness sake! That's not supposed to happen! xD I kid, of course. With the size of your family, it doesn't surprise me at all, but it's still weird to think of.

I'm really hoping that I get to see you in December for the wedding! I'm think we're going, but I'm not sure. Cross your fingers and toes, though! (Haha, remember that? xD)

It's so weird..... we last saw each other at a wedding and now we might be (hopefully!) reuniting at one. I can't wait to see you if we go.

Alright, well, I had best be off. Tell your family I say hey and give Greg and Dominic smacks across the head from me. Love you, sweetheart <3

Lots and lots of love and hugs,


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