The Mute Malfoy by HalfBloodHemmings
The Mute Malfoyby Kenzie
Evelyn Malfoy was very different when being compared to her twin brother, Draco Malfoy. Draco was the self absorbed, rude, Slytherin Prince while Evelyn was the quiet...
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Stranger Things | Ron Weasley by kmbell92
Stranger Things | Ron Weasleyby K.M. Bell
No one noticed her until she was struck by lightning. Twice. And that was only the beginning of all the strange things that were going to happen to Corie Keegan.
  • hermionegranger
  • zeus
  • hufflepuff
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When Love Hurts | Dramione by silverfire8
When Love Hurts | Dramioneby Eliza
"This is all your bloody fault, Malfoy." When an accidental spell throws Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy back in time to the Marauder's era, they are for...
  • love
  • humor
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Lady Black (Sirius Black's Daughter) by misschiefmanaged
Lady Black (Sirius Black's Daughte...by misschiefmanaged
Jane Lily Rema Andromeda Black is a special and powerful witch. She is an elemental, a metamorphmagus, she can do wandless magic and can feel it when someone needs her...
  • siriusblackdaughter
  • harrypotter
  • lupin
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The Queen of Slytherin [ Harry Potter x Addams Family Crossover] by Hime_chan10
The Queen of Slytherin [ Harry Pot...by Morinozuka Hime
Wednesday Addams is the only daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams. She's a unique child that loves to make poisonous potions and torture her twin brother Pugsley Addams...
  • wednesdayaddams
  • harrypotter
  • pugsleyaddams
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Dop·pel·gäng·er ||  Harry Potter by yourawizardmonse
Dop·pel·gäng·er || Harry Potterby Monserratt
"Elena makes me fall in love with her all over again." Elena Weasley, the doppelgänger and the love of Harry's life. Year 1-7 ( Copyright © 2018 yourawizardmon...
  • wizard
  • harrypotter
  • harrypotterxreader
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Scratches (Fred Weasley) by supercomiCal
Scratches (Fred Weasley)by Denise 💕
"I'm feeling so impossible right now." "But I am the impossible, love." "Or maybe you're just someone who's immensely bored in Transfig that you...
  • harrypotterera
  • ravenclaw
  • comingofage
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Light and Dark | Harry Potter by PotterHead121
Light and Dark | Harry Potterby Me
Jillie Lupin is Remus Lupin's daughter. With what she's heard about her father and her mother and their friends, there's a lot more for her to expect once she gets to Ho...
  • fanfiction
  • harrypotter
  • metamorphmagus
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destruction ⇢ h. potter by loony-lupin
destruction ⇢ h. potterby blue🌊
the boy who lived plus a girl of chaos equals destruction. "what could go wrong?" "my bets on the end of the world." follow the story of harry pot...
  • selfharm
  • malfoy
  • draco
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Blue Belle {Fred Weasley} by IzzyBella3
Blue Belle {Fred Weasley}by Izzy
Sometimes it is easy to go unnoticed, unheard, unacknowledged and unseen. Most of the time being alone adds to that, not having friends and being sent to a sort of board...
  • marauders
  • fred
  • weasleytwins
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Hidden Secrets {Bill Weasley} *WATTYS 2018* by IzzyBella3
Hidden Secrets {Bill Weasley} *WAT...by Izzy
Harley Lupin is a curse-breaker working for Gringotts bank in Egypt. After many years, a boy- or should I say- man, she went to school with get's transferred from the ba...
  • hogwarts
  • wattys2018
  • harrypotter
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Broken Magic Brothers by worldreader18
Broken Magic Brothersby Lizzy Paige
Hadrian Potter just found out he has been used to kill an innocent man. After the final battle Harry is sent back to fourth year along with several other people. When...
  • brokenbrothers
  • fixingtime
  • hogwarts
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Lost by _nomad_
Lostby nomad
"Sweetheart, you are the badger, I am the snake, but in this chase, I am the predator and you are my prey." With that he molded their lips together, sealing...
  • lordvoldemort
  • dominance
  • obsession
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Strange Benefits (James Potter) by hesvngrs
Strange Benefits (James Potter)by skye
In which Milla Rosamund finds herself stuck in quite a compromising position beneath James Potter. - WARNING: This story will contain mature themes, scenes, and languag...
  • remuslupin
  • harrypotter
  • maraudersera
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Him - A Harry Potter Love Story by deathlyhallowss_
Him - A Harry Potter Love Storyby deathlyhallowss_
Being best friends with Harry, Ron and Hermione was dangerous, and Cassandra Winters was aware of that by the end of their first year. As a Gryffindor who questioned the...
  • deathlyhallows
  • romance
  • fanfic
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The Rebellious Gryffindor // Draco x Reader by Myleehuskey
The Rebellious Gryffindor // Draco...by Mylee Huskey
Y/N Gryffindor is Godric Gryffindor's heir. Also known as the Gryffindor Princess all over the wizarding world. All throughout her family, the heirs have married Pure-bl...
  • harrypotterfanfiction
  • draco
  • prisonerofazkaban
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Hadrian Salazar Riddle - A Harry Potter Fanfiction by AmberSilverwood
Hadrian Salazar Riddle - A Harry P...by Amber Silverwood
Harry Potter was supposed to be the golden boy, the savior of the wizarding world. However, Dumbledore's plan started to crumble when the letters were sent and Harry Pot...
  • tom
  • slytherin
  • snakes
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Little Riddle | James Potter by annweasley
Little Riddle | James Potterby Andrea
[ EDITING] James Potter was a skilled and talented wizard, his name a renowned one amongst Hogwarts students. Many knew him because of his outstanding Quidditch skills...
  • lupin
  • jkrowling
  • harrypotter
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Strange Love- A Sirius Black Daughter Fanfiction. by LostMadCurious
Strange Love- A Sirius Black Daugh...by El
"They know you walk like you're a God, they can't believe I made you weak" ...
  • remuslupin
  • harrypotter
  • siriusblackdaughter
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MARVEL [Draco Malfoy] by NeeraHale
MARVEL [Draco Malfoy]by Neera
This is the untold story of how Draco Malfoy changed from an unpleasant boy into an understanding man, how he changed from being a villain to becoming the hero no one re...
  • wattpride
  • harrypotter
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