Day 13- Someone you wish you could meet

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Dear Hailee Steinfeld,

Girl, you are my role model. Plain and simple. You were truly amazing in True Grit. My family and I all agree that you should've gotten that Oscar =) I really want to start looking for acting jobs once I get my braces off and you are my role model for that. Whenever I watch True Grit, I always imagine myself as your character (because I'm a drama geek like that xD).

I'm really hoping I can meet you one day. Maybe we'll meet up on the red carpet into the Oscars smiling at our nominations! =D That would be the absolute coolest thing to happen to me, no matter what else happens to me between now and then.

It's kind of weird because I love you (no homo), but my dad has a major crush on your portrayal of Maddie Ross and is constantly comparing me to her/you. It gets really weird sometimes -_-. Not that I mind being compared to you. I actually think it's really flattering.

Well, I guess this is a good place to end this letter. Save a spot for me on the red carpet ;D



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