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Dark Love by Dark_Taboos
Dark Loveby Dark_Taboos
Dark Love: An Erotic Collection • Adult Content • NSFW 18+ For those diving into this little book be warned that these one shots is not for the fainthearted. It will tou...
  • adult-content
  • maturethemes
  • erotic
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My grandfather... IS AN AVENGER?! by NovaSky26420
My grandfather... IS AN AVENGER?!by Nova
What if Percy was blind? What if he knew about his water powers forever as well as his godly heritage? What if he had his first quest for the lightning bolt when he wa...
  • loki
  • wintersoldier
  • youngpercyjackson
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Christmas Present + Myg ✔️ by Jmnutella
Christmas Present + Myg ✔️by n u t 🦄
"If you don't want me, don't come and see me on 25th December"
  • jmnutellass
  • koalayoongi
  • sugamon
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The Green Thing by fiyara
The Green Thingby Alice Marilyn
She received a plant from her brothers girlfriend. As far as she was concerned it was just another plant, until it did the impossible.
  • sadness
  • gone
  • green
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Daughter of Ben and Mal by NikkiC19
Daughter of Ben and Malby NikkiC19
Hello my name is Elleigh, I am the daughter of King Ben and Queen Mal. I love being the daughter of the king and queen of Auradon. Somedays go easy others not so much. Y...
  • uncle
  • grandpa
  • spank
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BOLD by skierbex
BOLDby Meh🤷🏼‍♀️
He was ruthless. Strong in his own ways. Flexible to change, but hated it. He is BOLD. She is a sweet high school art/ science teacher with red hair that was easily unde...
  • arranged
  • covered
  • love
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Bored? Check This Out! by ThatCat
Bored? Check This Out!by ThatCat
Hey! Are you bored and have absolutely nothing else to do? Me too! I have something that could solve that problem. A quick little question to spark a no brain-er answer...
  • subjects
  • orange
  • dollars
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For He is Mine (Septiplier Fanfiction) by justine__stories
For He is Mine (Septiplier Fanfict...by lol
Markiplier and Jacksepticeye travel to south carolina for a tour, which angry grandpa lives in south Carolina. Angry grandpa is mad at markiplier for some reason that is...
  • angry
  • grandpa
  • markiplier
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Alpha by llday_dreamerll
Alphaby llday_dreamerll
They say that when he is near you can't breathe because of the suffocating power he emits. They say when you are in his presence you fall to your knees because of the i...
  • love
  • grandfather
  • spain
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My Daughters Tears by Blush18
My Daughters Tearsby Blush18
What can a daughter do when her own mother denies that she is her daughter? Well I'll tell you what, she will win her heart, try to give her so much love that she's boun...
  • children
  • disorder
  • pies
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Thicker than Blood - Book One (Watty Awards 2012) by thethornsofmylife
Thicker than Blood - Book One (Wat...by Ruth
Book One in the Soul Seeker Series. At fifteen Amelia is forced to move in with her birthfather when her mother passes away. A man she's never met before in her life, st...
  • dress
  • flirt
  • memories
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Witchy Winchester  by LillyTheTurtle
Witchy Winchester by Sierra Orr
"What the hell are you doing with a baby?" John questioned Dean glanced at the letter he set down next to the her carrier thing and then down at her head that...
  • john
  • sam
  • demons
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Who? by Sincerely_Tiff
Who?by Tiffany
Two months after Lisa watched her brother, Wyatt, kill both of their parents and coming an inch away from death herself; she decides to start back at life. But she has a...
  • stranger
  • knife
  • chase
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More than Just Fragile by juliannec12
More than Just Fragileby juliannec12
short story about a guy that's made out of eggshell and his journey on leaving his bubble of a town to clean the name of his grandfather and to see the birds
  • newworld
  • adventure
  • nerd
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The Brothers Awakening. by hunterblast52
The Brothers Awakening.by hunterblast52
Dante and Kane find out who they really are and where they came from in a journey throughout a jungle and underworld, but also their minds.
  • females
  • dante
  • swords
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The Old Coot by xXCodeXx
The Old Cootby Adrienne Morse
They have their reasons for staying behind. Well, most of them. Some just...forget.
  • coot
  • man
  • grandpa
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A memory From The Past by taybtayb
A memory From The Pastby taybtayb
  • grandfather
  • alcohol
  • drugs
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Grandpa  by mybabytae
Grandpa by mybabytae
When I was younger I wrote this. So, here it is for you to read.
  • helpful
  • sad
  • grandpa
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More Than A Brother? by jasmnesauceda
More Than A Brother?by Jasmine
Katelynn is just finishing high school and ready to begin her summer before college. Recently, she went through something terrible that has changed the way she looks at...
  • texting
  • layup
  • pizza
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