Adopted By Dear Evan Hansen by cinnamonroll_13
Adopted By Dear Evan Hansenby Ozzy
I don't own DEH. I don't own any of the songs or characters or actors or actresses. If you want to use my story for inspiration, that's cool. Rock on. However, please do...
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The Phantom - Birth Of A Hero by nightfall_protocol
The Phantom - Birth Of A Heroby Calum O’Field
"So, You want to be a hero to then? I've met many people before you. They too wanted to be one have as well to be fair. A few not too older than you. But tell me wh...
  • rolemodel
  • betrayal
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LOVE ARROWS by yaa_cim_and_avocados
LOVE ARROWSby luvforcimorelli
"Cupid's dart hit me hard and suddenly, my heart wanted just her." Cimorelli sisters went on concert as its usual. Meeting new faces wasn't anything new for t...
  • drama
  • lovearrows
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It all started with a text... // CIMORELLI FANFIC // by cim_stanforeva
It all started with a text... // yo_its_terii
Joshua Harris is just that type of guy whom every girl wants. He is single, intelligent, talkative, confident, bossy, helpful, muscular and he is known as a most popular...
  • romance
  • danicimorelli
  • textingidols
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Lauren Cimorelli and Nicolas Walker. A famous singer and ordinary student. Two different people but despite of it...fell in love. But what will happen when Lauren finds...
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Our Football Family [Slow Updates] by WritingIsNowMyLife
Our Football Family [Slow Updates]by WINML
Alex has an almost normal life. That is, if you don't count the days that she barely makes it to class on time, or the fact that her oldest brother hates her, or the fa...
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  • familyandfriends
  • familyproblems
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// MY LIFESAVERS // CIMORELLI FANFIC by cim_stanforeva
// MY LIFESAVERS // CIMORELLI yo_its_terii of the most cruel activities on the world... Almost everybody knows that feeling when some stupid person bully an innocent one and which is so sad, mostly...
  • teenfiction
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  • bullying
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About Us by -TheFutureIsFemale
About Usby Aspire to Inspire!
Learn about our account and what we stand for and become an admin! :)
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❣️THE SAHABIYAATH❣️ by Binthabee
❣️THE SAHABIYAATH❣️by أمة الله جل وعلا
(completed) ✔️ Stories about female companions of prophet muhammadh sallallahu alaihi wasallam... Vote 🌟 & comment 💭 And.. if there are any mistakes please let me know...
  • trust
  • alhamdhulillah
  • life
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Lace. Entertainment by MoonLight12Official
Lace. Entertainmentby MoonLight12Official
[✔] Open [ ] Closed [ ] Hiatus [ ] Semi-Hitaus CEO's. Leejoon has opened a south Korean entertainment company. he wants people to active there dreams Cover: @AST35_BXST_...
  • singer
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ORION Is The Best 💙 by MadamOfAllMadam
ORION Is The Best 💙by Everyday_Mina's_Day
Storya ng isang klase na makulit,malilibog,mga GGSS... At Iba pa... 😊😊
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Meeting Emma Watson (Completed) by Whatabuck
Meeting Emma Watson (Completed)by Whatabuck
This story is about you meeting your fav female influencer👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
  • fanfiction
  • wattys2018
  • meeting
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Admirable: Norway by SuperPotterJackson5
Admirable: Norwayby ~ Prince of Darkness ~
In English Lit I was assigned to write about someone I know well and admire and I knew I was going to write about Norway basically the second they said it could be a cha...
  • admiration
  • lukasbondevik
  • schoolassignment
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💝 THE SAHABA 💝 by Binthabee
💝 THE SAHABA 💝by أمة الله جل وعلا
(Completed)✔️ heart touching stories about companions of prophet muhammadh (sa).... Do vote 🌟 & comment 💭 and.. if there are any mistakes please let me know 😊
  • sword
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ROLE MODEL || TEC by linovaaa
ROLE MODEL || TECby Cassa’Nova 🥳🥰
"You ready ta go put a soul on that gun?" ~Tec 🕸
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  • batonrouge
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Math Book [Complete] by DianersteRoss
Math Book [Complete]by DianersteRoss
School matter, with out education. You cant make it in life with G.E.D Or high school diploma. Real math motivation book © Dianerste Ross All rights reserved. No part of...
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Satisfied by cinnamonroll_13
Satisfiedby Ozzy
Mia Fitzgerald was a 12 year old girl with blazing red hair. She had green eyes that were stricken with fear. She had more freckle than she could count, but a lot of bru...
  • reneeelissgoldsberry
  • anthonyramos
  • linmanuelmiranda
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