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Royal  (A Selection Fan Fiction) (Book One in my Selection Series) by justdarcy
Royal (A Selection Fan Fiction) ( justdarcy
This book is based off a series of books called "The Selection." You don't have to read those first, because I'm writing it and trying to explain everything.? ...
  • princess
  • theselection
  • eight
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Diary of a TEENAGE GIRL  by kee_nah
Diary of a TEENAGE GIRL by kee_nah
I hope you love Kayla and also vote for my book
  • teenficlover
  • fakery
  • hotpinklover13
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Bridget by b-w-96
Bridgetby b-w-96
  • deaths
  • mother
  • science
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Bean Fanfiction: middle school cutie pie lovers by Intangiblemelodies
Bean Fanfiction: middle school Intangiblemelodies
Bridget and Sean are an adorable couple:) I tried to capture the essence of their relationship in a Fanfiction that could very well have happened. Let's hope I don't emb...
  • bridget
  • cute
  • couple
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Stories About Bridget And Emily That Are Totally And 100% True by lellowmellow
Stories About Bridget And Emily Osa Alliciousness
This book is a compilation of anecdotes from the incredible lives of Emily and Bridget. Every story that is in this book is totally true and is not to be questioned by t...
  • love
  • emily
  • variety
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Don't find love, let love find you. by elainechu
Don't find love, let love find Elaine
This isn't the life for a 13 year old girl- Elle Brooklyns. Why? Love of course! Nearly everyone has a boyfriend in her school, so she feels like an outsider. Until she...
  • school
  • dreaming
  • love
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The Prophecies and Revelations of Saint Bridget (Birgitta) of Sweden by ebe1992
The Prophecies and Revelations Patrick Hobeiche
  • prophecy
  • god
  • bridget
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The YouTubers by Lifesimmer18
The YouTubersby Sims Miner
Elise is a 16 year old girl who loves to youtube. She has a younger 12 year old sister Ashley who wants to be around her 24/7. With help of Elise Ashley might become a y...
  • mendler
  • bridget
  • gomez
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Rise of the angels by jasminerenea
Rise of the angelsby
bridget brennan thought that she was just a normal teenage girl but when liam and alex enter her life she is thrown in to a fight between the angles and the fallen. whic...
  • evil
  • fight
  • angels
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Wishing and Wishes by bookbelle16
Wishing and Wishesby bookbelle16
This is my first book so I would really appreciate if you gave it a chance. It's about a girl named Bridget who has no parents and goes to an orphanage. At first, she ha...
  • books
  • courtney
  • pearl
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Keep Calm, Carry On. (One Direction) by uber_ducky93
Keep Calm, Carry On. (One Jenna
Attending a school in a foreign country with your best friends sounds like fun and games. Everything seems perfect until Keira Grant starts to miss the things that Engla...
  • couple
  • dating
  • hope
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Yours Truly by Pyrexx
Yours Trulyby Lilyanna
Life is never what it seems to be. Love is something out of a story book. Dreams are what you have to chase after. Life just continued to fall apart until I started re...
  • letters
  • broken
  • three
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Unleash by sparkly_phantom
Unleashby J
A prophecy sets the life of Zyrena Ellis into a chaotic one. When her sister disappeared mysteriously, she has to take her place as a trainee in a school filled with ch...
  • powers
  • romance
  • kingdom
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