Royal 2 (Book  two in my Selection series) by justdarcy
Royal 2 (Book two in my justdarcy
Autumn Meadows used to live a mediocre life with her little brother and her mother in a big town. They were Six's, but never went without. Everything changed after Autum...
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  • alex
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Bridget [COMPLETED] {UNEDITED} by lightthecandle
Bridget [COMPLETED] {UNEDITED}by T.O. Smith
At eighteen, she went to prison right after her high school graduation. Trial after trial, accusation after accusation, Bridget lost nine months of her life in a prison...
  • fights
  • sad
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Watching miraculous ladybug comic dubs by Nova_Gibbs
Watching miraculous ladybug Nova Gibbs
Have you ever wonder what happens when the miraculous ladybug gang (Marinette/ Tikki/ Plagg/ Adrien/ Alya/ Nino) go and watch miraculous ladybug comic dubs. Master Fu Wa...
  • renarogue
  • miraculousladybug
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Total Drama Island (OC x Duncan) by dean_and_sammy
Total Drama Island (OC x Duncan)by The Little Shit U Follow
So, another story about a girl who has major issues, and applies for Total Drama to escape her abusive boyfriend. There, she makes friends for life, enemies for life, an...
  • tdi
  • courtney
  • owen
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Trolls Holiday (w/ Flower from Poppy's Secret) by IluvOlaf3
Trolls Holiday (w/ Flower from Queen of Nerds
Do I need a description?
  • kinggristle
  • fuzzbert
  • queenpoppy
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Something Like This. [SkitsoFanActs] by SpaceGhoulie
Something Like This. [ ||Astro-Gal||
Demetria June or DJ Asexual & Genderqueer Asexual- a person who has no sexual feelings or desires. Genderqueer-a person who does not subscribe to conventional gender dis...
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  • sfa
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Love Between Mew And Alien - Dren X Reader by Http-Sexy
Love Between Mew And Alien - fuck 2019
#2 ranking in Mew Mew Power 17/05/18 (UNDER EDITING) Ok I'm actually gonna finish this story! Ok this takes place after the Mew's defeat Deep blue. Zoey and mark are...
  • mewmewpower
  • elliot
  • adventure
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𝙢𝙚 𝙤𝙧 𝙩𝙚𝙭𝙖𝙨?💜                            (LINCOLN MELCHER X OC)  by Jack__Will
𝙢𝙚 𝙤𝙧 𝙩𝙚𝙭𝙖𝙨?💜 Jack__Will
"You have to choose!" He yelled. "It's always, 'Oh no, I can't go'. But I'm tired of it Kayla! You have to choose! It's either me or T E X A S!" ...
  • nathanarenas
  • acting
  • luke
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Love can Overcome Anything by Runcie_93
Love can Overcome Anythingby Runcie_93
Love is beautiful, strong, overpowering, and will last for an eternity. Bridget and Eric test their love through life's obstacles. But... Is their love for each other st...
  • soccer
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  • love
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Total Drama Roleplay by enderqueen300
Total Drama Roleplayby Kenzie
As the title says!
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Q&A Kruka by -Raven-Song-
Q&A Krukaby Lexie
Więc otwieram Q&A, mam nadzieję, że dostanę trochę pytań^^ Od razu piszę, że na niektóre mogę nie odpowiedzieć! Będziecie mogli zadać pytania też kilku moim OC. Okładka...
  • -raven-song-
  • linda
  • koty
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Mew Mew Power Live Action Casting by flawless_babee
Mew Mew Power Live Action Castingby Aixa🖤
Based on the characters from Tokyo Mew Mew & Tokyo Mew Mew a la mode
  • zoey
  • zakuro
  • tokyomewmew
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The Girl Next Door by AkBenton
The Girl Next Doorby Abbigail
Casen Brooks and Bridget Banks have been neighbors since the beginning of their sophomore year. She's the quiet girl, never paying anybody any attention and he's unknow...
  • teens
  • bridget
  • hookups
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Vampirina RP by AlicornShimmerRPs
Vampirina RPby Blair
This was requested by a friend who didn't feel like making it herself.
  • hauntley
  • bridget
  • vampirinarp
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Stories About Bridget And Emily That Are Totally And 100% True by lellowmellow
Stories About Bridget And Emily Osa Alliciousness
This book is a compilation of anecdotes from the incredible lives of Emily and Bridget. Every story that is in this book is totally true and is not to be questioned by t...
  • boyfriend
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  • romance
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River of Love by _Repox_
River of Loveby Ana Ruffalo
"I fell in love with him when I was only twelve years old, and I got him when I was sixteen. I lost him when I turned nineteen, and I never thought I'd see him agai...
  • mia
  • hot
  • skrt
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Tokyo Mew Mew Preferences by WolfGirlN
Tokyo Mew Mew Preferencesby Wolf Girl
This is a preference book for Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power. The pronouns will be she/her, for it is much easier for me to write. Sorry guys, but you can still read it! I...
  • tokyomewmew
  • dren
  • pai
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❝A normal girl, well not really, stumbles upon a group of five boys through twitter.❞ a why don't we fanfiction.
  • danielseavey
  • boys
  • jackavery
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mew mew power by cosmicgirl033005
mew mew powerby cosmicgirl033005
when mark breaks her heart and someone is there for her, who knows what will happen.
  • zoey
  • elliot
  • mewmewpower
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Tokyo Mew Mew Truth or Dare by animekindagirl16
Tokyo Mew Mew Truth or Dareby animekindagirl16
Hi everyone this is my second book. if you want to read my other book just search up Servamp Truth or Dare and look for my user name. So this book is going to be a Tokyo...
  • zoey
  • tarb
  • dren
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