PERSPECTIVE by TetovareShala
PERSPECTIVEby Tetovareshala
It doesn't mean we should see it the same. Take some time to let poetry get to you and make you feel whatever you want to , see it from you own experience and from your...
  • reassurance
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  • poetrycollection
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Locked Draws and Open Boxes by dreamygurl
Locked Draws and Open Boxesby f.m.f
A wise (not really) fictional character once said, "I consider that a man's brain originally is like a little empty attic, and you have to stock it with such furnit...
  • unwind
  • university
  • motivation
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Thoughts by LoveKayee
Thoughtsby LoveKayee
Simple thoughts explained. no linear storyline this is simply stories i write.
  • fiction
  • life
  • lifereflection
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Love at first Bite ( Camren ) by HarmonizeMiami
Love at first Bite ( Camren )by HarmonizeMiami
Lauren is a vampire and Camila is just a girl trying to get through high school. what happens when Lauren takes Camila into her world? find out here. sorry for the corny...
  • vampire
  • cabello
  • camren
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The Mirror Realms Regal Academy by 12pupyroses
The Mirror Realms Regal Academyby Cutie Cake
Vicky and Kira get a potion to send the heroes into different realms inside the Snow White Family Mirror, unlocking secrets and love, they meet other heroes who give a h...
  • hawksnowwhite
  • stella
  • hase
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Notes To Self by Abigail_Herron
Notes To Selfby Abigail Herron
A collection of poems and maybe some riddles I write along the way. More of a mental scrap book than anything else.
  • poems
  • riddle
  • abstract
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Musings by sollertia_
Musingsby Sollertia
To me, life is like a beach --- filled with all kinds of sand, which are in turn endlessly battered by the waves of time. This is an hourglass. This is a place where I k...
  • life
  • reflection
  • sliceoflife
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The Walk by TheMIndOfKenO
The Walkby TheMIndOfKenO
This is a collection of episodic poems about journeys, encounters, and conflicts. (Will try to upload a new poem often until completion)
  • heros-journey
  • psychological
  • introspection
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Time // Poetry by -jungtoast
Time // Poetryby lills. 🔵
[Status: Ongoing] Here, you'll find that I write about anything and everything, all in the form of short, direct poetry.
  • poet
  • society
  • emotional
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REFLECTION/ანარეკლი by __uglycat
-შენ ჩემი ადგილი დაიკავე ნამდვილ სამყაროში! -არა ანარეკლო! ეს შენ ცდილობ რეალობაში ადგილის დამკვიდრებას! ___________________________________________ იდეა აღებულია წიგნი...
  • fanfiction
  • chenle
  • nct
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Chronicles by LanaDee22
Chroniclesby Lana Dee
Chronicles and texts about life in general.
  • reflection
  • inlove
  • love
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Poetry: Symmetry and Reflections by lovepenguins1984
Poetry: Symmetry and Reflectionsby Brian C Sloan
A collection of poems I've written over the years that primarily explore human emotion, reflection, and spirituality amongst other themes.
  • thoughts
  • poem
  • hope
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Beautiful, meaningful lines by missy_symina
Beautiful, meaningful linesby Pen Name
I always had a thing for nice quotes. I used to write them even at a young age. Whenever I see a nice line- be it from a book, celebrity or some other unpopular sources...
  • wisdom
  • oneliner
  • learning
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Our Secret  ~ Camren by starprincesskat
Our Secret ~ Camrenby FīfthHarmony
Camila and Lauren are best friends and they have been ever since X-Factor. Sometimes Camilas intentions with Lauren confuse her. Lauren trys to push her feelings away...
  • camrenfanfic
  • reflection
  • 5hfanfic
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Don't Blink by luvwarriorcats13
Don't Blinkby luvwarriorcats13
Mayla Scott has never known a life out of her small town of Treegrove hollow. The only time she was out of the town was to attend her mother's funeral 2 years earlier at...
  • blink
  • reflection
  • nanowrimo
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A Journal of thoughts by FreyaThornton
A Journal of thoughtsby Freya Thornton
Hi all! I have thoroughly enjoyed writing these poems and have found it a great way to let emotions truly flow and captivate them. I love literature and the power it can...
  • anger
  • reflection
  • love
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the wings theory by chimchimskookies97
the wings theoryby thebangtangirl
six boys with troubled pasts... one boy to save them all...
  • stigma
  • yoongi
  • begin
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Ink Sisters by KirstenKaitlinSetty
Ink Sistersby K. L. Setty
Drakkor is a Fire Mage, a dark sorcerer who can bend flames to do his bidding with a quick snap of his fingers. Magic, however, always requires a steep price. His soul...
  • sisters
  • ancientevil
  • mirrorlands
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It's okay, I'm Fine. by dreamergirl0206
It's okay, I'm dreamergirl0206
Letting it all out. An outlet for my thoughts. Helps me to work out what is going on inside my head so I'm not so self destructive. Hopefully some of what I'm writing wi...
  • release
  • poems
  • short
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