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How To Be Hipster by astrophilia_c
How To Be Hipsterby astrophilia_c
Hi, I'm name is Rachel Amberson. I'm basically your average teenage high school girl who wants to be special, find love, friends, herself, etc. How original right? This...
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My Dialoge Dictionary by Raydabae
My Dialoge Dictionaryby Ray
Here we will explain the dialoge of the Internet crazed fangirls that walk the earth(aka myself) and I will share stories to go with each word explained. If you have any...
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Never met but already love you by GlowLand
Never met but already love youby GlowLand
This is a true story about a girl who falls in love with a boy that she hasn't ever seen. She only knows him from a chat on the internet, they still in contact. Will she...
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Hate At First Sight (Phan) by bloodandbile
Hate At First Sight (Phan)by Grace
He's not your average student, and he's not your typical love interest. In fact, Phillip Lester gets into a lot of fights. He's the bully victim that argues back, so us...
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Netiquette by netiquette
Netiquetteby netiquette
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Warriors cats X Reader! by Frostfoot
Warriors cats X Reader!by Frostfoot
Hello!if u have any requests or anything make sure u include these requirements! Thank you! ~Frostfoot Characters name Setting Plot Time of day Friends of your...
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Kadhal Kottai by yazhinidarjeeling
Kadhal Kottaiby Selvam Yazhini
Two online friends meet each otherand fall in love. Will they meet each other and live together.
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Dreams come true [Larry Stylinson AU] by ItIsRiri
Dreams come true [Larry Riri
My name's Louis. I'm 21. I'm gay. This is my story of falling in love with a star. If you're a homophobe I suggest, you leave quickly... (Basically a Larry Stylinson AU...
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Tumblr Jesus by WhileTheAngelsWeep
Tumblr Jesusby Blake
*DISCLAIMER* I have no hatred towards Christians/ Christianity etc. or any branch of that religion. This is simply a parody of the christian holy book in which Jesus bec...
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True love by lolllybecky1w2
True loveby Brad
Two strangers become lovers
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Literature, Sexism and Technology by SeemaLakhani
Literature, Sexism and Technologyby SeemaLakhani
A series of musings and cultural commentary on current events (or rants depending on my mood) about literature, feminism, the working world and internet culture. I hope...
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The Heartwarming Story by the_great_author
The Heartwarming Storyby the_great_author
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That moment on the Internet (a nalu story) by Fairytailobsessed85
That moment on the Internet (a Fairytailobsessed85
That night Natsu and Lucy were bored and meet each other on a chat website and will be born a beautiful friendship or maybe more? Disclaimer: I don't own Fairytail Enjoy...
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internet girlfriends//kalli by cinnamonrollclifford
internet girlfriends//kalliby kal
thank the internet for this beautiful girl
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Cursing Dolls (Horror) by BlackCrayonCreations
Cursing Dolls (Horror)by Maddy Black
A blogger wrote about cursed dolls on her own blog site. She frequently updated her blogs when she started experimenting to curse a doll to make it come to life, only to...
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Not In That Way (A Tronnor Story) (Boy x Boy) by NormalEnglishGuy24
Not In That Way (A Tronnor Story) NormalEnglishGuy24
In fact, I've never been in a relationship. I've just been in unrequited ones. This "letter"... I guess, is about a boy who I fell in love with last year and h...
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Loser Love by havingnolife
Loser Loveby havingnolife
Have you ever had to choose between two people you like a little too much, and you're such a loser you never thought you'd be in a situation like that, but now that it h...
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Internet Love ( One Shot ) by nicpawsey
Internet Love ( One Shot )by Nic :')
Every time my phone went off with a notification I could feel my heart swell, But I could also feel the pain Because this love won't last forever, When he lives so far a...
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Roleplay by CorruptedTemplar
Roleplayby CorruptedTemplar
Haytham lives in a future world where internet is the main thing. No more long walks on the beach,no more physical contact or anything that has to do with real life. Th...
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