Shawn mendes is my bully by morningsunshine2436
Shawn mendes is my bullyby morningsunshine2436
penelope rose is a senior in high school struggling with depression and axiety. she's an extremely suicidal person after being bullied for years by the most popular boy...
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  • cutting
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Bts Ships Short Stories by kpoplover153
Bts Ships Short Storiesby kpoplover153
These are short stories of bts ships. Which are sope, yoonmin, vmin, vkook, taegi, namgi, and namjin each story is different and involves another couple in them at the s...
  • yoonmin
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MEMES by she_is_music
MEMESby ∆Becca∆
This book contains the best memes of all you can find! I repost pics from mostly Instagram accounts so message me if you want to know them ^^ Btw the perfect cover is fr...
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Ralph Macchio Imagines by woahmacchio
Ralph Macchio Imaginesby Stay gold.
Imagines of Ralph Macchio.
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Do You Believe In Love ? : Zion Kuwonu - Social Media  by alexusnikkole
Do You Believe In Love ? : Zion 💙A L E X U S
Stormii Winters - yes that's her real name - is just a girl from St.Louis trying her hardest to accomplish her dreams. She has always wanted to be a model. Now that she'...
  • famous
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Imagine us🌙  (A lil tjay fanfic) by sonnysprincess
Imagine us🌙 (A lil tjay fanfic)by francesca🧖🏽‍♀️
"Who knew that a second one moment one person can become your world just like that" Cover made by me🦋💞
  • heartbreak
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Mr Poison (Editing ) by Aysesahbaz
Mr Poison (Editing )by Ayse
This book is years old.. I was a kid, my grammar was a nightmare. Please do not mind it 😁. Enjoy. "I am the Poison in your throat you constantly try to swallow me...
  • kissable
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Reaction memes by gizxelle
Reaction memesby giselle romero
The best Instagram reaction memes
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The Doctor's Half Sister by SupernaturalBitches
The Doctor's Half Sisterby #AlwaysKeepFighting
Hi My name is Cara Winchester yes I am also the half sister of Sam and Dean Winchester but I already told about that part of my life now it is time to tell the side wher...
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DracoxReader Oneshots by papi_chulo_99
DracoxReader Oneshotsby papi_chulo_99
Draco. For all your 3 A.M. needs. ¥REQUESTS ARE APPRECIATED¥
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Yandere! x Reader [One Shot] by JennelieOfficial
Yandere! x Reader [One Shot]by JeNe
One word: CRINGE! (These stories are old and terrible bad, so no need to point that out =_=) One shots with different Yandere!___ xReader! I do own all the short stories...
  • loveyou
  • fictional
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love you • ybn glizzy by journeyish
love you • ybn glizzyby ney🥵
"i love you shordy" A YBN GLIZZY STORY *lowercase intended*
  • ybnalmightyjay
  • ybnnahmir
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Siamo come un puzzle senza fine by chicchi_04
Siamo come un puzzle senza fineby chicchi_04
"il destino è quando incontri una persona che non stavi cercando per poi renderti conto che non hai mai desiderato nient'altro di meglio al mondo" (Sottolineo...
  • bestfriends
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Cameron Boyce imagines by Jacobisbae1234
Cameron Boyce imaginesby Jacobisbae1234
The title. Btw I broke my device so there will be no pictures until I get a new one. Thank you.
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[ C ] Crush Fuckta | S.2  by -taerkentut
[ C ] Crush Fuckta | S.2 by (๑ ิټ ิ)
- BOOK 2 OF CRUSH FUCKTA ! × BUYEAHHH~ FACTS ABOUT CRUSH II KITA SEMUA YANG TAGUNA~ 🌸 fakta yang aku perah dari otak 👑 Ini semua poyo. Kalau kau ada crush...meh baca �...
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Hate You, Love You by YoonThinzar
Hate You, Love Youby Yoon Thinzar
Myanmar Translation
  • hateyou
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  • yaoi
you by matchalatte363
youby May.
it's all about you. "quotes"
  • life
  • english
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Caught in a Lie [P.J.M x K.T.H] by kpoplover153
Caught in a Lie [P.J.M x K.T.H]by kpoplover153
"What are you hiding Kim?" -p.j.m "W-what do you mean?" -k.t.h "Whatever sick game you're playing Kim I'm a find it out" - p.j.m
  • sad
  • taetae
  • highschool
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💫Minnie💫 by smolbeanwoozi
💫Minnie💫by 💫Seungmin💫
warm and friendly soft and fuzzy cute and cuddly
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Hopeless Romatice is a fictional novel, that attends to the journey of love, through sacrifice and trust.
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