Day 12- The friendliest person you only knew for a day

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I'm actually going to put two letters in this section because I knew both of these people at the same time for the same amount of time and they are both super nice and I didn't want to have to choose between the two. Also, I actually knew both of these girls for six days instead of just one, but I've never known someone for just one day, so, yeah, I'm being a rebel. Sue me.

Dear Caroline,

What's up, roomie?!?! =D Have those mushrooms in our room's effect wear off on you yet? They definitely haven't for me, but that was probably because they were painted on the wall next to my bed and not yours xD

I'll tell ya what, you are one of those friends that is an exact replica of me (not on the outside, of course, but on the inside.) I think it was absolute destiny for us to be assigned to the same room. Either that, or there was a secret personality test planted into the application we sent in and we got exactly the same results. In that case, destiny had absolutely nothing to do with it and I should give everyone in the application department (or whatever it's called) a big fat hug.

You are legit one of my best friends. I know that might be a little weird, considering we only knew each other for six days, but you know that I love it when people call me weird, so I really don't mind if you think it's weird or not x) But, I seriously mean that. You are legit. Like, you are a real person. Which is kinda ironic for me to say considering we're both drama geeks..... Get it? =D..........................................  *clears throat* Anyway, I hope that we see each other again in the future. Text me later ;D Love ya!

Lots of love,


Dear Shirley,

Honey booboo child, you iz ADORABLE! You are literally the cutest person I have ever met. Your reaction to everything is as adorable as a baby duckling sitting on the back of a puppy. And if anything, that's an understatement.

By the way, sorry I couldn't email you that video of you being a penguin. Even if the video is only sixteen seconds long, apparently it's still too fat for the email deliverer to carry to you. I'll find a way to get it to you eventually though. Just you wait......... *looks thoughtfully off into the distance*

*snaps out of it* Sorry about that. I was just contemplating the universe. You know, cause that's just how I roll.

Anywhos, do you have a Google+? If you do, please tell me do we can video chat or something. I freakin' miss you and I don't have a Skype to video chat you with or a Facebook or Tweeter to instachat with you. (Yes, I did just say "instachat". Don't be jealous that I came up with that word before you, sweetheart. xD)

I hope I hear from you soon. Love you! Later!

Lots of love,


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