Teach me how to love.  by Smallcharmand3r
Teach me how to love. by Smallcharmander
Twenty years old, Copter already has a tough life. Living as a teacher who has to deal with problematic five years olds when his careless cousin, Yura, decide to move to...
  • love
  • forthbeam
  • boyslove
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Facades [ongoing] by lexiedensy
Facades [ongoing]by LexieDenSy
Mingkwan likes his twin sister's bestfriend. Who happens to be a guy. Who happens to hate him. So his bestfriend and his twin sister decide to set them up. What are t...
  • romance
  • boyxboy
  • copter
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MINGKIT(ONE SHOT) by alissonalice
MINGKIT(ONE SHOT)by alissonalice
Just Ming being Ming. And Kit being Kit Not a really one shot but still short
  • mingkit
  • mingkwan
  • 2moonstheseries
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2 Moons The Series : MingKit fanfiction by sarangxiah
2 Moons The Series : MingKit Faniie86
What, if after spending years, following your best friend, who's totally in love with this P'Phana. You met the love of your life... I remembered P'Kit since he was...
  • mingxkit
  • phana
  • forthbeam
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Broken Ones {KitMing} by Rispins
Broken Ones {KitMing}by Rispins
"I guess we understand each other." . *TRIGGER WARNING* . ----------- #17 in suicideawareness #111 in suicidalthoughts
  • kitming
  • suicidal
  • kitkat
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Guidelines on How to Conceal your True Feelings by anneofwhitleybay
Guidelines on How to Conceal Anne Marie
Copter has written a book which he has titled "Guidelines on How to Conceal your True Feelings"which he hopes to publish one day when he has the confidence to...
  • kimcop
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Sharing Forth [ongoing] by lexiedensy
Sharing Forth [ongoing]by LexieDenSy
How can you take the guy your best friend loves... when your best friend's going to die? Forth Darvid is impossible to resist... that gorgeous face, those brooding eyes...
  • kitkat
  • matureaudience
  • lgbtfiction
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Sequel to He Loves Me...Not?(The Ultimate Kimcop Romance) by anneofwhitleybay
Sequel to He Loves Me...Not?(The Anne Marie
Nanon is back with a vengeance to create complications to Kim and Cop's relationship! A/N: Credit goes to fantaghiro89 who gave me the ideas for this sequel. The image f...
  • kimcop
  • 2moons
  • twomoonsseries
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Chameleon Eyes {MingKit} [COMPLETED] by Rispins
Chameleon Eyes {MingKit} [ Rispins
"They change color?" Kit frowned. "Let me see!" . "What? Why? No." . He didn't think so, but it was kinda cool if they actually could do th...
  • mingkit
  • eyes
  • chameleoneyes
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For you in full blossom  by Smallcharmand3r
For you in full blossom by Smallcharmander
Mingkwan transfers to a new school in the middle of the year. Unsure of his Thai, he hesitates making any friends until Forth invites him to their lunch table. But each...
  • forthbeam
  • angst
  • kit
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Hiya! Here is me! by MoonKhild
Hiya! Here is me!by Krystallo
Just some thoughts I would like to share when I think of them. I don't really have a purpose for this but I don't really care. Be ready to read the saltiness that is my...
  • photos
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His Dark Journal | Ming x Kit by anonymous_writtings
His Dark Journal | Ming x Kitby anonymous_writtings
Kit has been in and out of foster homes since he was only five, when his mother passed away due to an abusive father. When he was eighteen, he ran away from his present...
  • drama
  • thailand
  • 2moons
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The Six Moons by kiryuuzerocodes
The Six Moonsby Kiryuuzerocodes
Highest Ranking #97 in FanFiction [On-Going] "I love you," he says using the voice that he only use to me, leaning closer finding his way to my lips. I was sho...
  • ming
  • twomoons
  • yaoi
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My Song Book by momopeach12
My Song Bookby bangtan'sflower
This book contains poems and songs ive written by myself and also some lyrics of songs that inspire me.Though some may be depressing but it depicted how I felt at the mo...
  • poems
  • kitkat
  • chococity
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I Just Love You (MingKit) by Dikfaaa
I Just Love You (MingKit)by ExtraOrdinary
This story doesn't belong to me , All the character , names and plot maybe the same with the real story. Credit should be given to the owner @Chiffon_cake. First time wr...
  • teen
  • bas
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Jealousy Leads Us To.. by alissonalice
Jealousy Leads Us alissonalice
Obviously, everyone knows that Mingkwan is a university moon. And as one, he has a lot of people adores him. At first, Kit wasn't really please with all of the girls tha...
  • kitkat
  • mingkit
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Us Forever (Kit and Ming) by Stephanie9519
Us Forever (Kit and Ming)by Steph
I like being told am a good boy from time to time. I like be corrected, being taken care of and sometimes even being babied.
  • ming
  • romance
  • submissive
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Destiny {Book 2} by Jraivtden
Destiny {Book 2}by Kaitlyn H.
Kaitlyn jumps out of her world with Maximus. She's now on her journey. West again. But more to the south-west side. She meets some and others. More of them. But. She fou...
  • kitkat
  • kryoz
  • wattpride
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2 MOONS: KIT & MING - TRUE LOVE LUSTS by forevermiss22
ADVISORY: This work of (fan)fiction based on 2 Moons The Series contains strong language and mature contents. Please don't read if you're nowhere near 18. Otherwise, do...
  • 2moonsfanfiction
  • bxb
  • slash
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Behind those Smile(Mingkit) by alissonalice
Behind those Smile(Mingkit)by alissonalice
WARNING OF SELF-HARM Ming once used to believed that the smile his boyfriend plastered on his face is true. But what if one day he woke up in midnight to hear his boyfri...
  • 2moons
  • wayo
  • ming
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