Mingkit Forever You and Me by Chibi_Hiromi
Mingkit Forever You and Meby Jeng Agsalud
Ming and Kit were married for ten years with two kids, Kim and Cop. They are living happily ever after before the twin's tenth birthday. Ming got into an car accident an...
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MINGKIT(ONE SHOT) by alissonalice
MINGKIT(ONE SHOT)by alissonalice
Just Ming being Ming. And Kit being Kit Not a really one shot but still short
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Bundle Of MingKit Fluffiness. √ by Smallcharmand3r
Bundle Of MingKit Fluffiness. √by Smallcharmander
Bundle of one shot about Fluffiness between Mingkwan and Kittinan. ♡ . . . Most of the stories are the remake. Credit the right to the owner.
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When Dreams Turn Into Reality (MingKit"Fanfic" story) by Keijoshie
When Dreams Turn Into Reality ( LAZY EGG 🍳
Kit is a type of person who likes to write down all his dreams on his dream journal as soon as he woke up. What will Kit do when he realized that some of his past dream...
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2 Moons The Series : MingKit fanfiction by sarangxiah
2 Moons The Series : MingKit Faniie86
What, if after spending years, following your best friend, who's totally in love with this P'Phana. You met the love of your life... I remembered P'Kit since he was...
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Behind those Smile(Mingkit) by alissonalice
Behind those Smile(Mingkit)by alissonalice
WARNING OF SELF-HARM Ming once used to believed that the smile his boyfriend plastered on his face is true. But what if one day he woke up in midnight to hear his boyfri...
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Happy Together  ("MingKit FanFic") by Keijoshie
Happy Together ("MingKit FanFic")by LAZY EGG 🍳
Sequel of "When Dreams Turn Into Reality (MingKit"Fanfic" story)" This story will revolves around Ming and Kit's parenting life/ Family life.
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Hard To Say I'm Sorry by kimcopgirl
Hard To Say I'm Sorryby kimcopgirl
Five years ago Kit left a part of him in a small town. A house, a father, some friends and a life. Now, he has to face the aftermath of an extraordinary situation, and...
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Tenu kitna main pyar kara  by kitkatraglak
Tenu kitna main pyar kara by kitkat
This is my 2nd ff....
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This is strory about 2 moons in the past as a training doctor. Deviated from movie story, is it okay, right ??. What do 3 doctors do on daily basis? Stay tune ya. As usu...
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Annoying P'Kim by alissonalice
Annoying P'Kimby alissonalice
KIMCOP/MINGKIT Copter had been dreaming to be an actor since he's a kid. And he was giving a chance to work with this one company. So, let's figure out how the boys gro...
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Is It True Love? (Translated) by yyoonmee
Is It True Love? (Translated)by YOON
MingKit Fanfic ဒီ fic ေလးက author Pim (@pimbook) ရဲ႕ ခြင့္ျပဳခ်က္နဲ႔ translate လုပ္ထားတာပါ MingKit Sweet moment ေတြ အမ်ားႀကီးေတြ႔ရမွာပါ
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I am Straight by AstroLay
I am Straightby Reiko
●MingKit fic ●ဒုတိယေျမာက္Bl ficပါ ● အမွားေတြပါခဲ့ရင္ ေတာင္းပန္ပါတယ္
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Accept Us As We Are!  by Smallcharmand3r
Accept Us As We Are! by Smallcharmander
Copter and Kimmon had been best friends since they were trainees. Some weeks ago they became lovers but what will happen when 'HighLight' discovers them? Will they accep...
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True Love // Matthew Daddario // social media by iamdeyok
True Love // Matthew Daddario // Dey
I am in love with your smile I am in love with your voice I am in love with your body I am in love with your laugh I am in love with your eyes I am in love with you...
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U.G.L.Y (Ur Gorgeous Love You) by heartzmindx
U.G.L.Y (Ur Gorgeous Love You)by 💙 심장 💙
KIT POV ~~I am UGly...I am really ugly..nobody will love me..why I am this ugly.??? Kit thinks he's ugly(cacophobia= phobia of being ugly) (catoptrophobia = hate mirro...
  • 2moons
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The Neko and wolf by 12prettykitty
The Neko and wolfby 12prettykitty
A little girl starts her life by not knowing what's going on. Her master dies and before she joins him two wolves save her. Her name is Pretty Kitty with a mother that h...
  • kitkat
Raglak Os by kitkat by kitkatraglak
Raglak Os by kitkatby kitkat
You will find all my os here..... #43 In short stories category on 25th November 2017 #48 in short stories category on 28th November 2017 #42 in short stories category o...
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Candy Thief boyxboy by __Diane__
Candy Thief boyxboyby DIANE
I'm Casper Cole I am that guy you see in school that looks normal but always by them self, funny and always in trouble but seems to get out of it, do something then th...
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My Numb Heart Accidentally Loved This Hombre by LoneCheshire
My Numb Heart Accidentally Loved LoneCheshire
Is it possible that a numb heart can still feel something? Is it still possible that this girl will be able to fall inlove again? ........ Siya ang babaeng boyish. Ang...
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