Sinful |Klaus Mikaelson|| by livymichelle
Sinful |Klaus Mikaelson||by Liv
One thing Audrey Gilbert was told when vampires started showing up in Mystic Falls was to stay away from them. Elena has made it perfectly clear that she doesn't want he...
  • salvatore
  • love
  • vampires
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The Devil's Daughter by allthedetails
The Devil's Daughterby Kay
It turns out that Damon Salvatore had a daughter back in 1864, but he didn't know about her until now. She didn't come alone, either. She brought Katherine drama, and Or...
  • daughter
  • tvd
  • elena
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When a girl with a bow makes an everlasting impression on a dangerous hybrid. #PFCC2K16
  • theoriginals
  • crystalreed
  • thevampirediaries
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I love you, always and forever. (Klaroline) by KingKlaroline
I love you, always and forever. ( Klaroline
The originals and the Forbes grew up together but Niklaus hates Caroline. As they grow up Niklaus will finally see her as a beautiful person but is Caroline still the Ca...
  • games
  • stebekah
  • kolmikaelson
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Destructive Love. (Klaus Mikaelson) by EmmaS18
Destructive Love. (Klaus Mikaelson)by Emma
Amelia Willow Thomas,Moves to the town of Mystic Falls after a family tragedy.Unaware of the dangers that circulated the town,she ends up falling for the most destructiv...
  • caroline
  • ştefan
  • thevampirediaries
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The Originals & The Legacies by T0a9k0i4e1r9a99
The Originals & The Legaciesby T0a9k0i4e1r9a99
The Originals, but with Caroline Pregnant instead of Hayley. Plotting witches, scheming vampires and a pregnant werewolf. The Mikaelsons, The Original Family.
  • fanfic-rated
  • supernatural
  • based-on-the-show-of-the-originals
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The Love Of A Mikaelson Baby by DirtyDarkSecret
The Love Of A Mikaelson Babyby DirtyDarkSecret
After Caroline admits her feelings for Klaus and they have sex Klaus leaves Mystic falls and heads to New Orleans while Caroline nurses a broken heart. She has no idea t...
  • hybrids
  • babymikaelson
  • klaroline
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Amity Mikaelson by LivingTheDeadLife
Amity Mikaelsonby Jamzino
When Klaus and Stefan roadtrip to Chicago, he undaggers Rebekah and his older sister Amity. The sister they never mention. Once they turned, Amity couldn't handle being...
  • elena
  • niklausmikaelson
  • rebekahmikaelson
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Tiberius Salvatore: The eldest brother by LivingTheDeadLife
Tiberius Salvatore: The eldest Jamzino
Book 1 Rio Salvatore. The eldest Salvatore brother, turned at 25 years of age. He, unlike his brothers, never fell for Katherine's mind games. She resented him for this...
  • klaus
  • vampirediaries
  • tvd
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The Gilbert twins - Damon Salvatore by thegirlinallwhite
The Gilbert twins - Damon Salvatoreby Harry Styles Wife
Kylie Gilbert and Elena Gilbert. On the outside these twins look identical but don't let them fool you. Elena is the do-good, responsible twin where her sister Kylie is...
  • vampire
  • damonsalvatore
  • fanfic
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Astrid Mikaelson// There Little Star by ggg1204
Astrid Mikaelson// There Little Dear Diary..
Astrid Mikaelson...the little girl who was the light of everyone's life hence her name and nickname Little Star. Her family adored her. But there family broke the day th...
  • damonsalvatore
  • theoriginals
  • stefansalvatore
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Humanity | Damon Salvatore [1] by PsychedelicSins
Humanity | Damon Salvatore [1]by j♡
"You're my humanity, Riley. I don't need to learn how to be good, I just need you." [BOOK ONE IN THE RILEY EVANS SERIES] [THE VAMPIRE DIARIES SERIES 2&3] START...
  • klaus
  • mysticfalls
  • stelena
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your last | klaroline by thatamity
your last | klarolineby hana✨☁️
vampires can't procreate. that was the rule every vampire had to agree to in order to turn. caroline didn't have a choice, seeing as katherine was the one who unwillingl...
  • klausandcarolinepregnant
  • rebekah
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The Other Salvatore »»» Klaus Mikaelson by Insanity69
The Other Salvatore »»» Klaus HIATUS
Juliet Salvatore hasn't seen her brothers since 1864, she thought they were dead. After she woke up she thought she was all alone, she didn't want to live anymore becaus...
  • jeremygilbert
  • klaus
  • elena
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Twins (Twins Series 1) // TVD by Cece20102
Twins (Twins Series 1) // TVDby Sierra 20102
Valerie Gilbert is an 18 year old girl who lives in the Small town of mystic Falls with her sister Elena and her Brother Jeremy. The Girls have Lived here for a Year in...
  • damon
  • jeremy
  • doppelganger
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Stuck With Him: Kai Parker by SleepMindWriter
Stuck With Him: Kai Parkerby g e o r g i a
[Highest Rank #245 Fanfiction 23/11/16] I scoffed, kicking his shin and he kicked me back harder. "Can you even die here?" I asked, he shook his head and I nod...
  • kai
  • bonnie
  • kaiparker
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Moving In (a Vampire Diaries fan-fiction) by VeGirl
Moving In (a Vampire Diaries VeGirl
Emilias father dies and she is left alone in this world. She is still confident that she can make it on her own, but since she hasn't turned eighteen yet, she has to mov...
  • vampire
  • damon
  • caroline
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White Noise || Spencer Reid [1] by voidIydia
White Noise || Spencer Reid [1]by ♡ adaline ♡
❝When I see you, it's like the whole world turns into white noise, and it's just you standing there -- somehow, keeping me here.❞ In which Caroline Lucas has dedicated...
  • jennifer
  • criminal
  • minds
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Aria Gilbert | klaus mikaelson |  by denisem_97
Aria Gilbert | klaus mikaelson | by denisem_97
Aria Gilbert, fraternal to Elena gilbert best friend to Damon Salvatore and Stefan. She pretty, sweet, and innocent. Being involved in the supernatural world as been tou...
  • damon
  • mikaelson
  • vampirediaries
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Devil's Kiss | Kol Mikaelson by pychohale
Devil's Kiss | Kol Mikaelsonby 𝔐𝔞𝔯𝔰
In which a hellhound gets bored with being cooped up in hell and decides to take a vacation topside to a little town that she has heard so much about, Mystic Falls. || T...
  • elenagilbert
  • salvatore
  • vampire
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