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Undying love: How Klaroline should be in season 4 by Restlesswolf
Undying love: How Klaroline should...by Restlesswolf
"We just had a minor quarrel. Nothing serious, right love?” He leaned in to peck her lips, but she recoiled. Klaus grip tightened, his eyes darkening seriously. He...
  • love
  • tyler
  • diaries
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Klaroline ►Crazy For You ✔️ (1) by Klaroline_Love_KC
Klaroline ►Crazy For You ✔️ (1)by Alice
[UNDER HEAVY EDITING] "Oh my, brother. Caroline Forbes will be the death of you. And you know it." ~ ~ After Caroline's mother passes away, she turns off her...
  • ştefan
  • mikaelson
  • theoriginals
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... by tmis26
...by Elizabeth x
Life in mystic falls was always complicated. However when klaus decides he's had enough of all the drama he erases everyone's memory, except damons. Now he has to start...
  • tvd
  • love
  • mysticfalls
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The Original Queen. (Klaus Mikaelson Fanfiction) by Smileygal05001
The Original Queen. (Klaus Mikaels...by Y
Highest rank #10 in fanfiction. Talia, Elena's younger half-sister, is the daughter of Alaric and Isobel who had to abandon her to protect her from the supernatural, ju...
  • danger
  • damonsalvatore
  • wattys2018
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Her by evamaya1
Herby Shit Writing
  • gone
  • love
  • missing
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Arrow Salvatore by Salvatore4life
Arrow Salvatoreby Salvatore4life
Arrow Salvatore - a girl said to have died in 1862, so how is it that she is roaming the earth in present day? Simple she's a vampire. Being turned into a vampi...
  • tyler
  • salvatore
  • arrow
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My Missing Half by Vannyvan24
My Missing Halfby Vanessa
Caroline was an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life until one day. She went out a little too far into the woods near her house to play, and found a cottage. She went...
  • missing
  • half
  • fantasy
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Dance Teacher Nightmare by fiestatruck3
Dance Teacher Nightmareby Lauren Stevenson
13 girls all have nightmares about 1 teacher. Ms Jewel. --Based on a true story--
  • fire
  • caroline
  • toaster
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The Breakfast Club- The Outcast by Beautiful-Spirit
The Breakfast Club- The Outcastby Trippy Ninja11
  • carra
  • john
  • caroline
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Shadow by oliviadowness
Shadowby oliviadowness
The only thing that keeps 34 Anna Perkins alive and energetic is drinking. She needs to get over her bad habit. But when she tries, she realizes that it is really hard...
  • remember
  • good
  • anna
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Klaroline by readingistravelling
Klarolineby anonymous.
Caroline is need of comfort. Distraught after recent events, she finds herself in a deep depression. Caroline soon finds herself in the arms of Klaus. Is it fate? Will t...
  • klaroline
  • caroline
  • klaus
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The Lonely Hearts Club by anna7184
The Lonely Hearts Clubby Anna Sandrin
This is a tale of a young girl and boy that fall apart but slowly rise. They will become members of The Lonely Hearts Club, a society where loving someone doesn't exist.
  • thelonelyheartsclub
  • london
  • henry
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Humans are totally overrated. by fancypantsx
Humans are totally overrated.by Sofia S.
  • klaus
  • caroline
  • kol
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To Be A Barista by idont_caroline
To Be A Baristaby Caroline
Oliver O'Malley is a nineteen year old college kid who spends his summers as a "coffee distributor" at Espresso Yourself, a local coffee joint of his hometown...
  • caroline
  • barista
  • cairo
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Grieving~delena story by laurenchrystal
Grieving~delena storyby laurenchrystal
Since Stefan was found dead last summer in a safe with a stake through his chest elena and damon grieve.When Damon takes it out on innocent people and kill them,Who will...
  • sheriffforbes
  • bonnie
  • elena
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The Vampire Diaries - Season Seven by InigoDeVliegher
The Vampire Diaries - Season Sevenby Inigo De Vliegher
In the wake of Elena Gilbert’s goodbye, in season seven, some characters will recover while others falter. This final season will bring the group both closer and further...
  • damon
  • elena
  • caroline
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Losing Klaus [Oneshot Klaroline] by ColdBastilleMusic
Losing Klaus [Oneshot Klaroline]by Taylor
No one thought they would miss me. Yet watching her crumble from the other side along with my sister made the pain in my chest continue. If only I hadn't died at the han...
  • original
  • death
  • klaroline
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