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South Park x Reader Oneshots - Requests Closed (for now)!!! by Andryyx13
South Park x Reader Oneshots - Req...by Andry
Just Some oneshots- I LOVE South park and i said 'why not' (it's my fisrt time soin' oneshots, i'll do my best!!)
  • tweek
  • damien
  • nicole
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Daughter of Morgana vs. Daughter of Hades by nightgirl1217
Daughter of Morgana vs. Daughter o...by Danica
This is my second Descendants book. This book will take place after the Cotillion from Descendants 2. This will be book 2 from my first Descendants book, Carlos De Vil x...
  • evie
  • uma
  • carlosxheidi
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Treetops by waxxed
Treetopsby waxxed
(Treebros) After Evan shows up at his locker asking for his history notes, Connor starts falling in love with the anxious boy. But things get complicated when Evan's abu...
  • jaredkleinman
  • dearevanhansen
  • cevan
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THE Twins 🔱Twilight by mrs_mikealson16
THE Twins 🔱Twilightby Mari✨
in which the maximoff twins are in the volturi. will bit change aro's decisions or will it go exactly the same
  • heidi
  • félix
  • caius
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|| Musical Oneshots! || X Reader || by Hamil_Trash33
|| Musical Oneshots! || X Reader ||by AndIWantMyPinkShirt
Welcome! I originally did Hamilton oneshots but now am expanding into more musicals, but I will still do Hamilton. Reader is typically presumed as a female, feel free to...
  • conner
  • bmc
  • philip
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Call Me Yours / Stan X Kyle ((DISCONTINUED!!!)) by bebesbicth
Call Me Yours / Stan X Kyle ((DISC...by bebe is a thotti
#5 - #southpark - 20/6/18 Stan and Kyle have been Super Best Friends for a long time. However, Kyle is openly gay and Stan comes out to Kyle as bisexual before anyone el...
  • kyle
  • cartman
  • heidi
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George x Harold family life by AlyssaCruz1834
George x Harold family lifeby FireSear
George and Harold are happily married and they have twin daughts and this story will be about them facing the challenges on raising two kids of their own and see if they...
  • hutchins
  • billy
  • maya
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Unconditional Love  by Twitchy_Child
Unconditional Love by Danisaurus-Rex
South Park x Reader
  • tweek
  • stan
  • heidi
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The Hunter Or The Hunter•《Demetri Volturi》 by TwilightEclipsex
The Hunter Or The Hunter•《Demetri...by TwilightEclipsex
Dabria was known in the vampire world but no one knew who she really was; they only knew of her powers... So what happens when she's been accused of sneaking around the...
  • gifts
  • marcus
  • jane
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Sincerely, The Heeres by TheatreN3rd
Sincerely, The Heeresby Alex~
Ms.Hansen and Mr.Heere both lived very similar lives. They were both single parents who were left by their spouses to raise their teenage boys alone. But what happens wh...
  • jeremy
  • bmc
  • riends
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Casanova#uswa2018  by soumiamira
Casanova#uswa2018 by Amira Soumia
هي البريئة الجميلة الرومانسية التي تقضم الحياة كتفاحّة حمراء ،هو حسنا هو زير نساء ينسى إسم الفتاة التي أمضى ليلة معها فور خروجه من جناحه في الفندق... كازانوفا رواية تحكي...
  • amirasoumia
  • ohsehun
  • love
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Fake love (NevermindEva) by NevermindEva
Fake love (NevermindEva)by NevermindEva
„Imani Calderon- Will I lose her again" Original no COPIES!
  • original
  • romance
  • house
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Between The Wicked by WWELover555
Between The Wickedby WWELover555
Book 1 leading up to Rewrite the stars and a direct follow up to The Final War. Things in Auradon have been peaceful since the war with Chris, but one person that isn't...
  • disneydescendants
  • romance
  • disney
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Poor Unfortunate Sea by WWELover555
Poor Unfortunate Seaby WWELover555
Book 2 leading up to Rewrite The Stars. Hayden is willing to do anything to free herself of Heidi, and with Dr. Facilier help she might just be able to finally achieve t...
  • disneydescendants
  • disney
  • harryhook
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I don't want this ( Kyman ) by chubbypastel
I don't want this ( Kyman )by Lili
Relief to confusion then to pain, Eric Cartman can't seem to escape a relationship with the girl he ruined as a child. Its been years of trying to escape, wanting help...
  • bunny
  • kenny
  • heidi
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~ Convalesce ~ by Broken_Dolly
~ Convalesce ~by Broken_Dolly
Sophia has had everything taken from her, at such a young age. Can she find a family within the Volturi?
  • heidi
  • child
  • adoption
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Not Just A Quiet Little Mountain Town (South Park x Reader) by Glass-Paradise
Not Just A Quiet Little Mountain T...by Glass-Paradise
"Are you ever gonna talk?" "..." "Well played, stank" ||Oneshots based off South Park episodes - now including you|| South Park © Matt Sto...
  • oneshots
  • heidi
  • bebestevens
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Tree Bros one shots (Evan x Connor) by glittergirl7474
Tree Bros one shots (Evan x Connor)by glittergirl7474
It's fairly obvious :)
  • deh
  • lgbtq
  • heidihansen
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 NEW ART BOOK (THE BETTER ONE) by Talented_Potato
Over The Garden Wall??? Original characters??? Drawings drawn at three AM because the artist has no life??? It's all here! Enjoy :3
  • audrey
  • victor
  • overthegardenwall
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