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Sessions With Guns  ¹ ✓ by bjorghalla
Sessions With Guns ¹ ✓by Bjorg Halla
Staring at the gun in his hand as he stalks towards me with a devilish smirk on his face, I feel the bone-chilling fear rises within me. My back is against the wall and...
Albatross by Vapid_Ink
Albatrossby Vapid Ink
Elliot's partner was his whole world, but after Allan's death, his ghost haunts Elliot's dreams. Everyone tells Elliot to move on, but he isn't sure he can. ...
Waiting Room by spoffyumi
Waiting Roomby Kate Spofford
Everyone at school knows Andrew Jennings. Missing an arm. Openly gay. But when he meets star athlete Ryan Sullivan in therapy, can friendship lead to more? ...
They were 4 years old~ BakuDeku by anzai00
They were 4 years old~ BakuDekuby chruny
They were just 4 years old. Four years old when they saw their parents get killed in front of them. Five years old when they were submitted to torture. Six years old whe...
My Muted Alpha | Ongoing by EnchantressSkittlez
My Muted Alpha | Ongoingby EnchantressSkittlez
"And then he breaks. Trembling violently, shattering in my arms, a thousand gasps and choking sobs. I made a promise there, to protect him until all the pain and...
Love In Therapy ✔️ by Daravee_ad
Love In Therapy ✔️by Anegbe Vivian
2nd book in the Callaghan series. Meet the Callaghan Brothers. The hottest and sexiest men dominating the town of Shadow creek. Hunk fitness coach and Physiotherapist...
☑️ cocoa butter & cum [SLUMPTACION] by Dead_End_Account
☑️ cocoa butter & cum [SLUMPTACION]by I MOVED 👌🏾
"Your dick taste like cocoa Butter..." or A tale of a virgin boy who, has a high sex drive that happens to meet a sexually experienced classmate, who just wan...
Anchorage | ✓ by bateaux
Anchorage | ✓by k. monroe
Lennon Kapoor feels like she's drowning. After losing her older brother two months ago, she's struggling to keep her head above the water. Filling the gaping hole in h...
Here by 5sosLover1230
Hereby 5sosLover1230
"I just want them to be here!" "I know, sweetheart, I know."
IDIOT AND THE BEAST ✓ by fragmented-
IDIOT AND THE BEAST ✓by 𝕕 𝕒 𝕣 𝕔 𝕪 ✌︎ (hiatus)
Life. by ilovetrendz
#11 ilovegivoen
TW: rape, self harm, harsh words, cheating A girl who is getting constantly bullied and is in a toxic household tries multiple time to END her life but it just doesn't...
Saving Him by Lyfeo_M_Jay
Saving Himby Jay.
Avery had been married to Liam for 4 years, their lives were set.He had a great career and two best friends Mark and Vincent who supported him in everything. One day he...
Jacob's Regression by CMGumbs
Jacob's Regressionby Caleb
Can you imagine being forcibly turned back into a toddler? Such is the fate of actively suicidal, depressed and hopeless Jacob, a 22 year old from the US Virgin Islands...
Ready To Run (Larry Stylinson) by StylinsonLove28
Ready To Run (Larry Stylinson)by Sunflower6
Harry & his Mum were hoping for a new start. They'd moved to Doncaster, after Harry was bullied. He made a few friends, but more bullies and mental health problems are...
Empty Sounds & Endless Stories by SavSOS_
Empty Sounds & Endless Storiesby Sav
Sophia McMilan gets the shock of her life when an uncle she had never known about leaves his LA home and the entirety of his bank account to her. She'd been looking for...
The Delinquents by katnisslerman16
The Delinquentsby Abigail Lynne
Seventeen year old, Piper Delaney is caught red handed. After managing to steal thousands of dollars worth of merchandise over three years, it was only a matter of time...
dandelies by pansexualwithnobrim
dandeliesby winnieisinsane
yes the title is a pun. !this is a tommyinnit angst! in this story he is trans (female to male) and he has an eating disorder (bulimia) this is my first and probably on...
Suggestive Looks - Rob Jetten x Jesse Klaver  by CelinaLiebtFfs
Suggestive Looks - Rob Jetten x shellfish.-.
I don't know anything about Dutch politicians, as a matter of facts I'm not even Dutch. English isn't my first language, but I think I'll manage. Oh yeah and: TikTok mad...
Winged Dreams  by HopesPrayersNSmiles
Winged Dreams by Sarah
She knew that her work wouldn't let her rest, Was aware that every day would be a test. It was her passion though, to see the last smiles, Although they haunted her for...
Charmed Life.  by Kara-Elle
Charmed Life. by 🌸KATE🌸
Alexandra is finally free from the abuse she's had to endure from her stepfather and his best friend. Now she's living with The Spencer's, but it's not so easy to adjust...