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Chapter 28 - Sick day

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 28 – Sick day


“I’m sorry to say but Hunter is stuck in bed with a high fever” I said as I picked up the call, the person on the other side apologized and put the phone down.

I stared at the phone and sighed, this was the 35th call today about work. What in the world besides being a yakuza did he do? How tough was what he did, I mean this many calls and all this time I thought he slacked off. I felt bad that I even thought that I was sure he was a busy man, but this busy meant he was a powerful boss.

I was downstairs with the family; Kei and Andre were talking about how Hunter should rest for now and do the work later. He had worked shifts in so many nights I worried about him, not that I wanted too but I did. He was in bed now sleeping it off and I had gone into the kitchen to make him some congee, which in an Asian country was rice boiled made thick that makes it look like porridge it was good for the stomach.

We were on break when I had found out Hunter had dropped from the fever, I was rushed towards the basketball court where I saw it happen. The boys looked as bad as I did and worried to so we rushed him home, his fever spiked and now I waited to see if I should go back to school or not. I went upstairs with the tray and saw him get up.

“What are you doing?” I said placing the tray next to his bed peering into his face.

“I need to go, too much work” he claimed

“No, You can’t just lie down!” I growled

“I can’t!” He shouted back I looked at him slightly shocked by his anger, he looked sorry now. “I’m sorry I can’t rest” he complained.

“How about this, have this congee I made and then lie down for now and you can leave anytime afterwards” I offered giving him the bowl he looked at it questionably.

“You made it?” He said confused he looked so cute fevered; the urge to jump him was out of the question.

“It’s not lethal I can cook you know and I know how to make this” I replied “It’s rude to look at my skills like that” I grumbled

“Sorry, shouldn’t you be in school” he said panicked

“I’m not going” I said

“You have to go!” He growled holding on to my wrists hard, I looked at him freaked out was he always so aggressive.

“Why” I said

“Just go!” He growled I was really annoyed by his attitude but I grumbled back.

“Fine if that’s what you want” I scowled and walked away

I had gone back with Haru who was better now, and told him to notify me of anything. He looked amused but he agreed he would, I was glad he didn’t refuse. I was back in class and I saw Seth round my class, was he waiting for me? It was lunch which meant two more lessons before I head home.

“You look worried is he ok” Seth asked

“Don’t talk to me about him, he can do whatever he wants” I growled and opened my lunch and started to munch on it.

I looked up to see an amused expression on Seth’s face, and I wasn’t sure how to take it. I was still reeling from the angry expressions from Hunter. That I wasn’t so sure how to take this one

“What?” I asked munching on my bread slowly “Something on my face?”

“No” he chuckled and stared at me again

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