Chapter 2 - Decisions

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 2 - Decisions


“Let go off me” I screamed again, I was so fed up now.

I stared at this creature in front of me, his hand around my waist and his face a bit too close to mine. What did he mean be his wife? It made no sense to me? My face felt hot with embarrassment, images flashed across my mind like a spinning tornado. What kind of joke was this?

“Here you go little lady” he said and let go and that’s when I felt myself drop on to the ground with a thud, I stared at him with shock.

“What the hell!” I yelled and got up and stared into his face “What do you think you’re doing!”

“Nothing you told me to let go and I did” he replied with a smirk, oh he was really annoying I just wanted to hit him but he was so tall, I was barely up to his chest curse my luck.

“Tell me what you meant when you said I was…I was y-your b-b” I couldn’t even say it without sounding like an complete idiot, and I knew he found this amusing because I heard him chuckle.

“Bride, koneko-chan” he replied back with a smug look that I wanted to wipe off.

“Yes exactly, what the hell are you on about?” I glared at him crossing my arms across my chest, I momentarily forgot about the coldness of my wet clothes for a moment.

“Nothing, maybe it’s best to ask your grandfather that, than rely on me to tell you everything” he said smiling and turned around to walk off, I stared at him walk away again the second ime again and I groaned.

This didn’t sound good to me, all my life I lived a secluded and very quiet household with nothing to worry about. But this, hearing him say something so brass sent chills up and down my spine. I didn’t say anything or argue he led the way home, I just followed like a lost puppy. I know I should be feeling something, but all I could think of was what he said and how he said it. So when we were at lengths near my house, I mustered up my courage to ask him about the word he said to me.

“What does Koneko-chan mean?” I blurted, I felt myself go red and I bit my tongue, I didn’t need to worry about looking stupid.

He was laughing. Literally doubled over the pole and laughed, I got angry and I growled in frustration he turned around and grinned like a cat. Oh he was really irritating he stopped laughing and I waited.

“So what does it mean?” I asked impatiently

“Is that why you were so quiet all this time?” Laughed the man in front of me

“NO!” I said a bit too quickly, and I turned beet red he was provoking me and he did a good job too.

“Your face tells it all Koneko-chan now let us go home” he laughed a bit more before we headed in, I was so angry that I walked faster than him, and pushed him hard so he toppled as I walked in.

I didn’t even glance back; I rushed towards my grandfather and saw the two old men sitting there, one of them comforting my grandfather who looked so weak right now.

“Grandfather are you ok?” I rushed towards him to see his aging face with a sad tearful smile.

“Kitten, you came home I was so worried, when I heard you got caught” he started and hugged me I held him back, and avoided tears for the fear of embarrassment.

“I’m fine grandfather; now tell me why these men are here?” I looked back at him with a serious face he coughed and I knew he was stalling time he was hiding something, I hand him the water and waited as he sipped it.

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