Chapter 17 - Young Love

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 17 – Young love


I didn’t notice the silence at first, but when I did I looked around to see who was this quiet. I was alone in the house right now. Well apart from the boys I mean, school was starting soon. And I was getting late; I looked to see who was missing from the family that I didn’t see. I shrugged when I didn’t see a soul in the rooms. It was unexpectedly quiet was it the hangovers for the adults? I was surprised they led this lifestyle still.

I was walking to school, it was a bit sunny but it looked to rain soon. Luckily I had my umbrella and the bus stop wasn’t too far from the house. So I wouldn’t get too wet if I wanted to or not. I got on to the bus, which was unexpectedly busy today fear of the rain perhaps. I landed just in time and I rushed in, but not before I found my eye catching the sight of someone familiar.

I stood shocked for a moment, I never knew this was possible all this time I stayed in the house and I saw her here and there. I didn’t expect to see Cassie in this school. I had mentioned this was an escalator system, which meant it was a school which started from kindergarten and went on to university. It was a huge and very old building but it was big enough for a whole set of school children to jump in. Of course now the high school system required tests to get in for the later reasons. But not for the kids, until they hit the age of fourteen would they know, which other school around here they wanted to go to.

“Cassie” I called out I saw the girl looked nervous but she didn’t reply back. I guess I was a bit too far and there were a lot of students walking up now.

I saw Cassie her blonde hair tumbling down her back, she was the only Suzuki kid with golden blonde hair. The twins had moderate honey blonde which was a cross between brownish. But Cassie was a stunning girl, with her little puppy fat left. Right now her dark eyes roamed around and I could see she was nervous, was she waiting for someone?

I walked towards her and tried to see who she was looking at, when I noticed I felt myself groan. I watched Cassie blushing, her face turning bright red. I mentally moaned please don’t let her do anything stupid I thought. I didn’t want her hurt, but it already happened because I was near enough to see it and hear it.

“H-Hello Cory” Cassie said the boy looked at her and smiled nicely and walked away with his friends, who turned back and started to laugh and toy around.

I didn’t know if it was a good sign or not, but I saw Cassie’s face fall. I knew it was bad then I had an aching feeling she was heartbroken. That boy did nothing but smile how could Cassie fall in love with someone so heartless. Then I realise she was thirteen we all were stupid at that age we didn’t know what was love and what was being nice. I know I experienced something like that too, but watching Cassie, sweet, beautiful Cassie go through with this, made me reminisce about my own.

He didn’t reply back but he had just given a small smile. And went away laughing with his buddies I felt crushed for her. And I wanted to make her cheerful but how. I wasn’t good with this stuff, I saw the girl walk away as one or two of her friends came to her. I wasn’t sure but I think they were comforting her which was good for me.

“BOO!” I felt a hand on my shoulder and I screamed “Stop calm down its me!” He yelled

“SETH WHAT THE HELL!” I muttered “That scared me!” I cried

“Sorry but you weren’t answering me so I had to do something” Seth shrugged and peered over my shoulder to see what I was doing “Are you looking at the blonde girl?” He said

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