Chapter 5 - Excuses

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 5 – Excuses


I had to go back today again, we got the call this morning where I was being scolded and so was grandfather for leaving last night. But I couldn’t argue back and say this is what wasn’t supposed to happen, but my mouth was shut in a tight line, and I handed over the phone to my grandfather who looked worried at my expressions. I was irritated about things I couldn’t grasp in my hands, I felt weak and pathetic and the only thing I loved about yesterday was the little boy and girl.

I remembered their somber faces when they heard about our marriage, I saw the dark flash of anger cross Saya’s eyes and I saw the angry line on the forehead of Carina. It felt as if I was punched in the gut. To think I wasn’t worthy over something like this and I felt like crap. I didn’t want to be humiliated like that, I’ve been treated far less bad, compared to what they did to me now which was torture. I wasn’t at least rejecting the fact that I, myself was willing to get married for grandfathers sake.

“I’m sorry Blair we have to go to breakfast” my grandfather muttered, I looked at him and sighed what use was arguing.

“Please don’t apologize, I shall go change into something, at least it’s a weekend” I replied

And went upstairs to get changed, considering how lowly they thought of me. I wanted to rebel, no I wanted to just mess with them and dressed up in my cut up jeans, a green vest top that I knew complimented my amber coloured eyes, and a white cardigan, and I had my hair up in a bun leaving small tendrils down my face. But I knew I looked messy, I felt delighted to know I was going to get under their arrogant noses. Satisfied, I went downstairs to see my grandfather still sitting in one position worried I went and snuggled close to him.

“I’m sorry Blair, this isn’t what I thought it would be” he said sadly he tried, no he wants to. And he is and I couldn’t thank him enough.

“Please don’t worry, whatever happens now let us go and show them what the Vanvoreen are made of” I looked at him as I placed my arms around him and hugged him and laughed, I felt a bit happier when he hugged me back.

And we set off, their driver came around half past eight and we were off. The journey was a bit long; even if the house was amazing the area was rural, I didn’t feel happy to know I will be stuck. I feared I wouldn’t be able to escape, its understandable for them as they are yakuza’s. However for me, I was still young and I hated running. Where was I going to have fun? The nearest place to them was two miles away, and the busses came every fourty minutes, and it was a long walk there. It depressed me a little bit, my heart was thumping so loud.

We got there in time and when we went inside, they were all seated. Every one of them that we left yesterday was seated waiting for us. I saw the flash of anger in Saya’s eyes and the frown on Carina’s face, I knew I looked distasteful to them. But I looked around I was more angry at what happened between me and Hunter than anything. I saw him his eyes look up at me, so dark it felt like I was being dragged inside his eyes. And I saw a playful smirk on his lips that made my blood boil. I flushed red and looked away.

“Welcome thank you for coming” Kei said as he came and handshake my grandfather and patted me “Please do sit down”

I was seated between Kei, and Grandfather and I was blessed that Hunter was indeed not in front of me, but his father Andre was. I looked at the man who stood straight with a frown on his lips but his eyes told another story. It seemed sad and lonely was he not happy with me either?

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