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In love with a Yakuza



Knock Knock

"Come in" I said I was staring through the window that overlooked the ocean

I was brought in to the best hospital, but I didn't want the best hospital I just wanted my life back. The way it was before all these things that happened to me. I was still bruised but the doctors said I will be free to go tomorrow. That battle that not ended many lives but traumatised a majority of the people who needs psychological help, or something like me will probably still survive.

I was shot in the calf and I knew for sure that the limp might be there until, I of course get it out of my mind that I am not crippled. Far from it my leg had kept me alive and that I was happy about that because, really I never wanted to die without saying what I wanted to the family. That would take the piss that would be unfair to me and my grandfather I had the right to lash.

I saw standing by the door the man who claimed to be my husband. For the past months or so I had thought he was but now it all feels like a dream. No sorry it seems like a nightmare on my behalf probably a dream for him. He found out the killer of his mother and now he had no use for me because let's be honest here, I was still the bait he wanted.

"Blair" he started, he looked ill no worse, he didn't look like he shaved either and his crisp clean clothes looked crumpled was I too feel sorry for him?

"What do you want?" I said not looking at him

"I just wanted to see how you are?" He replied straightening where was the devious Hunter now? Where was the man who seduced me? A part of me wanted to cry was it because of me he was like this? Or was it for another reason?

"And?" I said

"To thank you for what you did for us, no for Aoi and me" he said his eyes looked watery I couldn't but glance at him, but I knew that even an apology wouldn't help so I broke down, the tears rolled off my eyes like a flood. And I heard him shuffle towards me and I snapped

"Don't!" I said "Don't come near me" I cried and he looked so defeated I started to cry harder "Why was it me?" I asked looking at him through my tears, I watched him hesitate before speaking.

"Because I was in a rush to find him" he admitted painfully "I needed a bait so I begged my grandfather and he mentioned you and I thought this would be perfect, they would think that you were my first wife or something and by then I could lure him into thinking he hadn't killed us" he said his voice strangely distant "I know, that I can't forgive myself and you can't either but I want you to know that whatever we did wasn't on purpose, we just needed someone and you came along and I thought this was perfect" he said the tears of mine weren't stopping.

Because in the end, it was on purpose I had lost more than a marriage I lost my family and grandfather forever. I was in general an orphan in others eyes, no one wanted me so what good use was I to them? This was beginning to dawn on me that I was born to be a toy for everyone, and when I served my purpose I was to be thrown away.

"I know my behaviour is repulsive but you have to realise it was for the protection of the family and Aoi" he said sadly and I looked at him then full on and stared at this man.

"It's a shame I wasn't the one being protected but thrown into the lion's den wasn't I" I said bitterly and he looked taken back by the thought.

"That's not true" he whispered looking down

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