Chapter 31 - You win some you lose some

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 31 – You win some you lose some


I had the fluttering feelings of the kiss again, and I couldn’t concentrate. Every time I close my eyes I see his face so close to mine, feel his body pressed against mine. Was I in love? I had a fear of regretting the kiss now. I wasn’t sure on what to do now because I wasn’t sure, if I wanted to be with him anymore.

It had been a week after the sports festival and we all just finished off. I managed to persuade Kei into letting me out of the house and go to grandfathers. I wanted to know how he was, I felt like I was neglecting him, and it tore my heart thinking that. But I was forbidden to go outside cause every time I manage to go anywhere I always get either kidnapped, or someone else does. Worse off they get hurt on my behalf.

But this time, I was standing right in front of my old life. This is where I should be not in the yakuza clan. I should be here with my grandfather taking care of him and actually living and having fun. Instead of feeling fear every second as I walk somewhere, having a terrible feeling I will be dead or anyone else would. This isn’t how I wanted the life.

“Grandfather!” I shouted as I walked into the house, it smelt of vanilla and musk such a sweet smell, I heard coughing and I rushed to where it was. “Grandfather!” I shouted again.

“I’m over here” I heard a wheezy voice and saw my grandfather, lounging in the back garden pulling weeds out.

“What are you doing? You shouldn’t be doing that!” I screamed, he looked so weak and it looked as if he might crumble, I felt my heart waver I wanted to cry. “Grandfather aren’t you going to say hello to me, are you angry?” I replied trying not to cry.

“I’m not angry dear” Grandfather said as he stood up and wiped his hands then he looked at me and gave me the brightest smile, that I knew was fake “I just missed you I wasn’t sure if I should reply” he chuckled which warmed my heart.

“Grandfather” I cried and went and hugged him hard I didn’t want to let go, he smelt so nice and homely.

“I missed you Blair, it was lonely without you” he said stroking my head and I cried, I was crying because I was so bad I left him for what? I didn’t want to, I was made but I still wanted to be with him.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry” I replied crying

“Shh, it’s ok now” Grandfather said and pushed me away I rubbed my eyes and stared at him. “Now cheer up we got a lot to do, get into your grubs and come help me.” Grandfather said and pushed me towards the door.

Well this was better than doing nothing in my eyes; I went to change into my clothes and looked around. The place still looked the same it had the same smell and felt the same, and I felt like tearing up again. How I wish I could go back to my world and never feel like I did now, I would give up everything even loving Hunter to get back to where I was again.

“Blair?” Grandfather shouted

“I’m coming!” I said and I wore my old t-shirt and some short dungaree’s, placing a hat on and walked out into the garden.

“Good, help me here I’m trying to grow some sunflowers!” He said and started pulling on some weeds.

“Oh sunflowers I love them!” I said shocked he wanted to grow some “Why now all of a sudden” I said as I bent down to pull some weeds.

“It’s your favourite isn’t it” Grandfather said pure concentration on pulling the weeds.

“Yes it is” I trailed off did he miss me so much?

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