Chapter 30 - Blair's Confession

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 30 – Blair's confession


It was sports day, I hated sports day. I can't handle it I suck at everything. I wasn't born to play or do anything besides cheering. Why oh why did they have to make us do it, I'm so exhausted after the fashion show, Maya became a bit more resilient towards me and I don't know how to take it. But I didn't argue I just took whatever she offered me. I was doing odd jobs for Carina here and there and I was really tired.

"So Blair you could do the relay and basketball for the girls" piped up a girl in my class, and I groaned there was no arguing it wouldn't work.

I heard a few other people moan at what they were chosen for. Everyone had to participate, it was part of the grade system for psychical education which sucked. Our whole unit was doing something for the day; it would be just like last year except for me it would be a bit different. Same time last year I had managed to walk out of doing it with Marie by my side. I wonder how she is, she still hadn't replied to emails or letters I sent her. She must be really busy or something and it depressed me, because she probably has a new best friend now or something.

"Alright now go practice!" Yelled the girl and everyone replied in unison and we all shuffled out.

There was a lot on my mind today. I wasn't sure if I sure of myself to speak or do anything. All I knew is the feelings of love have been jumbled to an extent now. And I was scared to do anything I was afraid that if I made a false assumption, I would be forever humiliated. That was a big fat no on my part I didn't like it. I never will and the feelings I had for Hunter was becoming dangerous, he made my heart beat like a maniac. His voice, touch and even his kisses that he surprises me with, are just enough to make my body go numb with love.

I shook my head; I changed into my gear and went to shoot some hoops. I hated to run but I was good at it. Basketball however was another story I was not good at it. I kept missing and each time I missed I kept thinking of Seth, I really loved him but I wasn't sure on how to tell him because I knew deep down my feelings for him was pure love. I had fallen in love with him as a kid I will always treasure that, and I can't seem to express it into words I wish I just told him.

"What are you doing?" I heard and I looked away as I shot and the ball rebounded on the basket and hit my head and I toppled. I saw his feet shuffle towards me and peer into me to see if I was ok.

"Shit" I cursed and I held my face and rubbed it, I saw his hands cover mine how big they were.

"Sorry I didn't mean to startle you" Seth said looking down at me; he was so close I could smell the shower gel he used.

"I'm ok now" I said moving away slightly I was embarrassed and I was blushing. He smiled down at me my insides melted a bit.

"Are you practicing?" He said with a smile it was just us two in the gym which was nice.

"Yes I got chosen to be on the relay and basketball, not so keen on the second one so here I am" I said and laughed nervously.

"No worries let me help you" Seth said and took the ball bounced it and shot and it went in, I forgot he won against Hunter as well.

"Wow!" I said with a tiny clap "If you don't mind that is" I said with a smile

And then without caring, we ended playing basketball I mean I was learning off him. I managed to learn how to shoot now. I just wasn't sure how I felt when he kept touching me, my heart was going crazy. Yet I didn't lose focus on him and the ball and shot it in.

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