Chapter 20 - Twins

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 20 – Twins


After yesterday all I could think about right now was, to just rest and not give a damn but this was me we were talking about. I did give a damn, I cared and for what? No one gave a damn what I thought, so why was it trouble for those for me to care? I didn’t grow up in a normal family all I wished was to be happy, and live perfectly the way I was what was so wrong with that? A foolish dream perhaps but clearly not in this world

So I didn’t sleep a wink, I must have looked like a zombie or something. I was sitting by the window and it was by coincidence that I saw the twins fighting. I wasn’t sure who was who at this point because they were far away from the window. I only had seen their frames but I was sure, that it was the older sibling who was doing the yelling.

So I got dressed and hoped they were still there when I got downstairs. Because of their honey blonde hair it was hard to identify the twins. As I came closer I had noticed they were angry, but about what?

“I told you, she was mine first!” Yelled Holden I watched Haydn’s face turn into disgust.

“As if she belongs to you I saw her first” Haydn cried

It was about a girl, I couldn’t believe it. And it was about who saw her first? How old are they again to be talking about this? Then again I shouldn’t be complaining I did get rejected by a best friend, slash lover too at this age. I must be the most uncoolest person ever to, no scratch that I still am. It wasn’t long till I saw them scratching each other’s eyes out.

“Hey stop!” I yelled and jumped in between them

“MOVE!” They both yelled and I was pushed back so hard, I stumbled into someone.

I looked up to see who it was and I blushed, it was Declan. He looked down at me with a smile and helped me straighten up. I dusted myself off and stared at Haru and Riley, stopping the two from going any further.

“Bastard!” Haydn yelled at his older brother.

“Real mature Haydn!” Holden replied smirking

“Stop it now!” Haru demanded and they both quietened down, I wasn’t sure as to which was more surprising them be quiet or the fight.

“Get along to school” Riley replied and they did so but both went separate ways, I was really confused then.

“Are you ok Ojou?” Declan asked “You look very tired and pale” the concern was in his face but I remembered, the things he said about me and I didn’t know what to do or how to react.

“I’m fine, do they always argue like that” I asked curiously looking at them.

“It’s normal for them to argue, but not attack each other” said Riley

“Oh I see” I replied confused, leaving them I had gone to get my stuff and when I walked in, I saw Kei and Carina on both sides of their grandson.

I walked straight on, not looking at them I didn’t want to interrupt them or talk. I wasn’t in the mood, the fight with the twins made me feel restless, and even more curious. I wonder which girl they were talking about. If anything I don’t want them to fight, they looked too cosy to be this childish over a girl.

I got my things and I walked out, I said my goodbyes and I looked on to see Hunter getting in the car. He wanted to say something, I could tell because he didn’t go in as I walked out of the house. He waited till I was close enough, but I had side stepped and walked the other direction. I didn’t want to see his face; I didn’t even want to mention anything about him. My heart always squeezed till I felt suffocated whenever he was near me.

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