Chapter 16 - Party Disaster

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 16 – Party Disaster


I hopped on the bus and laid my head against the glass. I looked in front of me a lot of people, mostly teens that is. I saw how some girls in the corner were giggling away and one or two girls with a heard of boys flirting. I wished so much that Marie was here, would we have done that stuff. I know we would be in the corner giggling. Wondering what some of the boys were like, and maybe just maybe flirt with some; of course I wasn’t one of them. I know Marie would though and watch her. It was nice, but now when I look ahead all I see is a dead end. I see my life just turning back to the same old routine again. Just keeping watch of the people I love drift away, I always wanted to go out further with my life. But it seemed too hard to do; it’s like an endless journey with no way out.

I sighed silently. I already had a man in my life I’m married to him. He probably wishes he wasn’t married to me, but I wonder if he sits somewhere and thinks about flirting with other girls. Maybe court them or does he just have fun once in a while. He probably does this regardless this is Hunter we are talking about. I don’t do what normal couples do, I wish I did. I really hoped to find a boyfriend this year start of high school, it seemed like my dream. But future somehow wanted a husband instead. Well here I am a married women at age sixteen, yet nothing special. I am trapped into endless fights with mobsters and I have no clue as to what this whole family does. They also did I not forget to mention hated me.

We had a party today; I had slightly blanched at the thought of dressing in a kimono. I wasn’t right for it to wear it. I had looked awkward and felt weird, but I had to wear it now, it was a must. There was no question asked I was dreading it, my stop was next and I knew I had to get off. I couldn’t run away even if I wanted to. There was the boys let’s not forget and Hunter I know for sure would track me down. I don’t know what went through his head, I wasn’t going to find out any day soon but I did hope he would share things with me. It seemed like I had to expose my life to him not that I had any, but you know we would all like privacy. But I had none; it’s exposed before I get a chance to hide it. So no point flirting with anyone he would find out and probably beat someone.

I sighed again; I got off and stared at the place I lived in. I walked in to see a lot of the workers moving about. I wonder when this party started it was only four, but everyone was bustling and hustling and shouting. I could see everyone was really busy so, I didn’t have time to say anything that I wanted. It was completely different from my house. Living with grandfather meant it was just him and me, a quiet but I admit lonely house. I realised my grandfather not only missed his son but he also missed his wife. I feel that I would never understand his pain even if I had tried. I will always wonder how it must be without family. Hunter was so lucky to have such a big family, I was jealous and envious that he could love this many people and they would do the same back.

But for me, it was nothing an empty shell, I was tearing up I shouldn’t think bad thoughts. I heard voices coming and noticed the boys were here before me. They were all sitting and talking and laughing. I was angry now, really annoyed that he could have this kind of lifestyle and I struggled for this. I watched them and I think they noticed me watching. I think one of them waved me down but I wasn’t paying attention.

“Hey want to join us” Riley waved at me as waited my reply, but I shook my head.

“Are you ok Ojou?” Declan asked I saw his concern and I nodded my head.

I walked away leaving them more confused than ever. I wasn’t sure if I had felt the need to tell them that I was angry. And I was on the verge of tears I wasn’t sure what to do next. I stared at the spacious room, I blushed I was sharing a room with a guy years older than me. We haven’t done anything but it felt like I did. I felt weird and I sat down on the couch I have been sleeping on for a while. I was still tired and I wanted to sleep, but it would be weird if I had done that here and no one knew of this habit of mine. I only did this back home, but that was my old life not this new one I am leading. So there was no chance of me doing this.

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