Chapter 35 - The countryside of truth

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 35 – The countryside of truth


“Blair I think it’s best if you go visit Hunters maternal grandmother at the countryside” Carina said her face was very pale and I wondered if she was sick.

Probably sick of looking at me, I was as some people might say. Still depressed after my grandfather died, which I had no clue about I was still feeling the after affects of the funeral, I was still in denial that it happened. Of course I did my very best of being me but it was kind of hard if I spaced out a lot. Who could blame me they said, and I thought me. They could blame me for being stupid and being depressed when I had a life out in front of me, and that I knew my grandfather would want me to fulfill it. But no one had said anything and I was left to wallow in my depression alone.

I was trying so hard to reject it but the idea was not good for me. I kept having weird feelings and I couldn’t contain my tears that spilled. I even cried eating at the family dinner I was clearly shocked, but the people around me on the table thought it was normal. But they would stare at me time to time and I would have tears spilling as I ate.

I even found myself crying along with Serena at one point. I had Hunter take the baby away from me and take me to my room. It was so weird but I had stopped and now as I stared at Carina, she looked even more worried when I didn’t respond.

“His maternal grandmother is still alive?” I asked

“Yes of course we just don’t visit her often and vice versa since his mother died, it’s a shame as well” Carina sighed “However meeting her now would be wonderful why don’t you pack your things and go, I am sending the boys with you Hunter is away on a trip so you will get lonely, it would be a good experience” said Carina

“Ok then” I replied I wasn’t in the mood to argue however, I was quite intrigued to see who this grandmother was.

All I knew was, Hunter despite growing up with a family. Had really not shown his way of affection As far as I knew, he was a killing machine. As he grew up he was bounded by one thing and that was to find his mother’s killer. I felt my heart go heavy again with worry. He had a drive to kill and no one else can stop that because he liked it. You could see he liked it and that was what I was afraid of. Living with a man like him worrying at one point he might kill me, is what hurts the most even love won’t help me.

“I’ll go pack my things now then” I said and got up and left the table, I rushed upstairs and packed a small bag of necessities, as I don’t know how long I planned to stay. Relaxing was good for me I think I needed it.

When I was down, I saw the boys waiting for me. We were going to leave tonight; I knew no one else would be coming so we all headed to a car. Haru was driving and Declan was at the front, I sat at the back with Riley which wasn’t so bad. Except they had been awkward with me ever since my grandfather’s death, did they think it was their fault? I hope not I mean it was in reality mine. I sighed again I was thinking of him again, I had to stop or else I would go crazy.

“So how long is this place?” I said clearing the silence

“Oh not so far, It’s out in this nice wilderness you will like it, it has a whole field of sunflowers and grandmother Sasaki is a very lovely lady, a bit forgetful but really nice” said Declan

“Really?” I said a bit scared already would she like me? Would she be freaked out that I was Hunters wife?

“Don’t worry Ojou the whole point of this journey is for you to feel better maybe a change of scene will do it, why don’t you relax we will call you when we get there” said Riley smiling I nodded at them, they were feeling even more awkward than I was.

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