Chapter 10 - Finding Blair

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 10 – Finding Blair


I didn’t know where I was at first; I was groggy when I woke up. I felt dusty and I couldn’t breathe. I had a cloth bounding my mouth. I was clearly not surprised but I whimpered into the dark as I lay there. I was in fact wondering how I will ever survive this kind of mess. What was my life going to be like when I actually married this man? Same as this? I might as well kill myself now before something else happens.

So it didn’t take me long when I lost consciousness again. I dreamt to be in a happier place, but all I saw was darkness.

(Hunter POV)

“Hello, yeah I was going to meet with her now, yes dad I will sure to bring her back” I replied monotonously and clicked off the phone.

She was indeed a little troublesome for me. Couldn’t she just obey me and just be normal. I sighed and went to the shop she was working at. It was nearly closing time; I brushed back my hair and hugged myself tighter. It was a chilly night; I hoped Blair actually managed to get a coat or something with her. I wouldn’t want to share a coat in this night if she was damn cold.

I saw the lights go off, and only the boy walk out. I watched him lock up and turn. Our eyes met and not only did I feel awkward. I’m sure the dirty look he gave me, made me realise Blair must have said something.

“Yo” I said as I nodded but he didn’t say anything just glared.

“She’s not here” he said after a while and turned to walk away

“You mean she left early?” I looked at his retreating back and shouted he didn’t turn around. “Hey! Where did she go?”

“To see her grandfather!” he replied back “I thought you knew!” He stopped and glared at me hard.

“Look I didn’t know anything; she said she finished at this time so I asked you what time.” I replied impatiently, was I this irritating at this age?

“Look I don’t know what you want with her, but leave her alone she had enough trouble this morning” he grilled back I was momentarily confused.

“What do you mean, trouble?” I tensed

“With that man who came and shouted at her and that girl, don’t tell me she didn’t tell you” Seth smirked, this boy really irritated me.

“No” I replied back clenching my fists

“Then back off” he growled I stared amused.

“She’s not your family she is mine. So why do you even give a damn” I taunted him this was fun.

“Listen, she may not be my family but she means more to me” he replied bitterly, I don’t know what did it, the blazing eyes or the caring part but it angered me.

“Like I said, she isn’t a fragile toy to be played around with, she is of course a…cousin. So you should back off” I replied back thinking carefully why she even said cousin.

“Like hell I would leave her, the last thing she needs is a guy like you, hounding on other girls while fondling others” he replied bitterly back to me. If it wasn’t for the fact he was Blair’s friend I would have knocked him out.

“Don’t accuse me of something little boy. You don’t know who I am and what I could do” I replied darkly I saw him flinch.

“Just leave her alone” he glared at me and shifted his bag and turned around to leave.

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