Chapter 36 - Sayonara bye bye - Final chapter

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 36 – Sayonara, bye bye


A week after staying in the Sasaki household, did I feel even more overwhelmed. I was staring at the boy in front of me. He grew to like me and me with him and I didn’t want to let go. I always wanted a sibling to look after and feel with, but the problem was Aoi wasn’t a sibling he was in reality my step son. And that really freaked me out and I felt even more scared.

How do I go on to explain to him, did he know? Does he know that I am married to his father and that I am his step mom? If so he doesn’t seem to mind at all that I was getting closer to him. Was he thinking I was going to be someone mean or horrid to look at?

It was the final day; we had to go back today because it was Kei’s birthday a surprise party. I haven’t heard from Hunter, and it seemed like he knew I was here so avoided me at all cost. Was he scared I would find out? If so he was lucky I did or else forever I would have been his pawn.

I didn’t know what to do, leave him? Was that a better option for me? I had no guardians would I be in foster care? Was this marriage even legal? I needed ask him so many things but how would I breathe in front of him, without bursting in to angry fits of tears. I felt even more nauseous thinking about all this, my stomach hurt.

“Will you come back” said the boy as he tugged my dress I looked down at him, and looked at the boys who looked embarrassed.

“I’m sure I will” I said not sure at all, I hope he didn’t know but by the look of it he knew. I felt the aching pain in my heart again he was so much like me, and I didn’t want to leave him. “Can we take him” I asked the boys and they stared at me wide eyed.

“No sorry you can’t, he has to stay here for reasons” Declan said sadly and I heaved a big sigh of disappointment.

“I’m sorry” I said and I saw him shake his head with a smile.

“It’s ok maybe next time” he smiled and my heart twisted, I bit my lips from trembling. 

“We should leave now” said Haru

“I’ll come back with Hunter next time” I whispered in his ears and he brightened at the thought, I saw the sad look grandmamma Sasaki gave me and I didn’t blame her, was this a false promise?

I felt like I was becoming more and more like my parents, I kept looking back as I headed into the car. This was beyond excruciating, and the last thing I wanted was to feel this but it wouldn’t go away. I saw the boy standing there waiting for us to leave more like doesn’t want that. It will get lonely in a house with only two people I know how he feels, I really do.

I didn’t speak for the whole ride, I saw the place go further and further away, it was so far away and each time I looked behind to see or feel as if he would be behind me. But he wasn’t and I think Riley noticed that and frowned I looked away, he didn’t dare say anything and neither did I. I laid my head against the window and hoped to be home soon.

I woke up to the sound of the tyres screeching. I jolted awake the house looked busy it was about four in the afternoon the party didn’t start until six, and I was sure I had to get things done before then. I got out and walked in with the luggage, I was greeted by the staff and told me I looked better already. I smiled at them thankful for the comments, although I felt more and more like crap as I kept walking away.

I saw Hunters face light up as I walked in, I wasn’t sure if it was fake or real? It seemed like everyone loved to toy with the people in this house from the start. It felt even more disgusting breathing the same air as them.

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