Chapter 34 - The sound of Death

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 34 – The sound of Death


Many things ran across my mind, one was my exams. Second would I fail or pass or even be remotely pleased of getting anywhere. And thirdly the sight of my best friend and how he ignored me. Something deep inside me worried, about a lot of things and I wasn't sure what to expect. It had been a week after the exams till I heard the news. It wasn't another week before that the terrible feeling emerged.

"So I hope everyone is ready for the parent teacher conference" said my teacher as we all sat in class after a murderous week of exams.

"The results will be out soon right?" Said a kid in my class, I wasn't dreading it no more I was concerned.

"Yes they will be out after the conference" said the teacher again I sighed.

I needed to ask my grandfather again, I mean he was my guardian. Then it dawned on me that I was married so if I was married who would be my guardian now? Will it still be grandfather? I stared at my class some were lucky to have a family to come. And some not so like me, but I was more surprised at the fact that no one had guessed. That a sixteen year old like me had gotten married in the last few months, had been much worse in the days to come and also managed to survive things unimaginable.

I saw the happy faces of the teens, and I sat wondering what they would do if they were in my shoes. It felt like a normal class today but for me it was being in a minefield. I wasn't sure what will become of me in the next days, that I had so much to worry and fear about. To do and be up to standards, things I couldn't disclose to anyone, and I sat here watching them playfully enjoy their life. Did they ever wonder that one of these girls in the class was married and happened be living with the yakuza?

I bet it never crossed anyone's mind, I doubt I would have ever thought it either. It was no surprise to think like this. I doubt majority really cared until someone finds out and spreads it. I sighed, I felt even more depressed the tightening around my chest just got worse. The skies were darkening and I wasn't sure what to expect. Besides that it will rain, and every time it rained somewhere someone will be hearing sad news, I just wish it wasn't me.

The bell rang it was time to go home, I was packed and off I went. I slid into the car and I didn't wait any longer. I wanted to get my grandfather to come I didn't care if I was married or not. I just only wanted him because he was my guardian, and I didn't want anyone else but him. The rain was hitting against the window so heavily I felt my heart drip along with it. I heard the sound of thunder and I worried for everyone's safety, hoping they got home and are warm. I finally managed to get home and I held my bag over my head as I ran to get inside.

It was warm and it smelt of food, I was starving. But first comes first ask the family if I could bring grandfather along with me. It had been a while since I saw him, and I wasn't sure what to do. I missed him terribly and I was feeling a bit more than homesick. I shook of the wet feeling and took of my shoes as they got soaked. It was dimly lit in the corridor I wonder where everyone was, It was usually upbeat and loud why was it so quiet?

I walked into to see about nine sullen faces. So dark and so confused, what happened? I looked towards Hunter to see his face pale and freaked; I was more than scared now.

"What happened?" I asked looking around the whole room, they didn't speak and the more time it took I felt myself holding my breath.

"Blair" started Kei and looked like he aged about another fifteen years to his current age, he looked really sad.

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