Chapter 18 - Stalkerish Behaviour

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 18 – Stalkerish Behaviour


It took me a while to think of how to cover this bruise; I didn’t want any questions and problems arising. I know he didn’t mean to hurt me, but sometimes I do wonder if he did. I winced in pain, I wasn’t sure what he ate or what he did, but his grip was like iron. It had just troubled me a lot that I deserved what I got I hated to admit it. I had put his cousin in danger, because of something trivial I had gotten slapped by the girl’s mother, and hated for what I did. I had been given sympathy by Kei and Haru, but what I wanted was to speak to Cassie again, but she had gone home. The house was emptier than usual, I had cried myself to sleep that night and I don’t know if he came back or not, but I didn’t want him near me.

“Earth to Blair you ok?” I had a hand wave in front of me I was helping out with Seth today like promised.

“I am fine” I replied clearly not, I shifted he was gazing at me and sighed.

“I feel like you are avoiding me so much, it doesn’t feel the same no more do you hate me?” Seth asked as he joined me washing the dishes, I looked at him startled how can I hate him? He will hate me if he found out the truth.

“W-what are you saying” I shouted and looked startled “I don’t hate you I never will don’t be so stupid” I replied embarrassed with my outburst, I went back to the dishes.

“But you seem sadder than usual and if you haven’t noticed, you look even more skinner than you already were” he said painfully I blushed, he was taking notice of me which wasn’t good.

“I’m honestly fine I swear, but thank you for noticing” I laughed, but it sounded too hollow in my ears.

“Don’t lie to me Blair, how about this after your shift lets go out” Seth replied looking at me with a smile “I got paid so how about it?”

“Sure, If you don’t mind” I said my whole body tingled with glee. I needed to forget about what happened yesterday and focus on this.

“Good I’m glad you agreed” he replied wiping his hands and then going off; I stared at him if only he knew the truth he will always hate me.

When we finished it was time to leave, I pulled my sleeves down and walked out with him. He wondered why I had long sleeves but I didn’t answer and he stopped. He instead held my hands and pulled me to a nearest cake shop, and I felt a little better.

“Pick any you want my treat” he replied

“Ok” I said and looked into the millions of cakes in the glasses, it was a popular café with so many cakes and I wasn’t surprised to see it packed.

Over the glasses, my eyes connected with Seth’s and I blushed. It felt like a date was that wrong? He smiled and I chose the strawberry cheesecake. It was supposed to be a bestseller in this café and I wanted to try it. He chose a parfait, and we both ordered, we managed to snag a seat and started to enjoy it.

It felt really nice to talk to him; it felt like a whole lot of things went of my head, I was being normal again. I managed to finish the cake even though I couldn’t handle no more. I felt really happy to be near Seth though; to have him next to me is better than anything right now. I watched him go on and on he was making me laugh. He was making me better, and the things that flashed before me the days that went by, what had gone on. He had no idea, he would have been there to protect me, and he would have been a saviour for me.

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