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Chapter 12 - Airport disaster

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 12 – Airport disaster


When I did wake up, I felt groggy. I cursed, I hope I wasn’t ill, it was today we were going to fly out. And I panicked; I packed the whole of last night. The boys downstairs were asleep and I got the time to clean and do the rest.

So when I rushed downstairs, I saw the boys still sprawled on the floor. Dead to the world, I hid a grin. This was amusing to see, a top yakuza group sleeping on the floor? On my ugly little floor not even a nice one, Were they that tired, well considering the episode we all had, which I cannot remember well. I shook my head and went to see a paper on top of the table.

“Sorry Blair, will have to talk to you later. Got work so speak soon, remember to take care of yourself  much love Seth” I read aloud, a little part of my heart constricted in hurt.

I hurt one of my best friends. This reminded me of Marie, who was leaving me now. Going so far away I nearly teared up. I fanned myself to not start crying or there will be questions lots of them. I really missed Seth I hated keeping things from him. I really loved him, but I couldn’t dare tell him. Rejection wasn’t a good right now.

I saw the boys stir, and I shook Declan and Riley awake. They groaned and Haru muttered a ten minute more sleep. I rolled him and pushed the other boys towards the bathroom. We didn’t have time, we needed to get ready our flight was in the morning around four, in the afternoon and it would be a long one too. So the best was to get ready and get going. It was about one right now, and I wanted everything neat and tidy before I left.

I felt myself stumble on something and I dropped landing on a male who groaned. I looked to see Haru’s face inches away from mine. And I blushed his dark hair flopped messily around his pale face. His eyes were the most striking features ever. So creepy but so very beautiful, I felt my mouth open and I closed it. He looked stoic with no emotions as usual and I blushed I got off him and groaned.

“I’m so sorry here let me help you up” I lent my hand to him, his hands were over mine and did I mention he had nice big hands.

“No problem” he mumbled back sleepily which was cute and I blushed again. My heart thumped in my chest, was I a player now? I had crushes on at least two guys now. One being Seth and the other Haru I know I couldn’t deny this feeling.

He looked amused, his lips twitched and I couldn’t help but move aside and walk away. He didn’t say anything more and neither did I. I went into the kitchen to see Hunter leaning against the counter, with a cup of coffee and it happened to be my mug again.

“How many times have I told you not to drink from my mug?” I growled I saw him flip the morning paper.

“Well good morning to you to Blair” he replied smiling into my mug, which irked me.

“Ugh! Would you listen to me?” I said frustrated

“I am listening, you said not to drink from the mug but this is the only one I found” he replied casually, he folded the paper and poured the contents in the sink, before coming towards me.

“You didn’t need to drop the rest in the sink” I stammered I felt bad now, but I wouldn’t show it to him.

“Make up your mind Blair, you want me to drink or not?” he said amused as close as he was, I could smell minty toothpaste coming from him.

“That’s not the point, I was trying to tell you not to drink from my mug, but not throw the contents down the drain you realise how much coffee you wasted” I fumed he laughed as if it was a joke.

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