Chapter 22 - Not by choice

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 22 – Not by choice


I couldn’t wait for Hunter It wasn’t good to take so long, I looked towards the guys who were trying to take him and I ran. I looked back to see Aiyana confused, and I had no clue what I was doing.

“Aiyana try finding a way out!” I replied and I hoped she understood what I meant, or else it was too late for all three of us.

I ran towards the men, I knew not a lot of people were looking because. We were in the city and two in an amusement park and three it was crowded. And when I finally managed to catch up to them, I was momentarily frozen, because I wasn’t sure what my next move was.

“STOP!” I shouted and I grabbed the man who held on to the boy, and kneed him in the back he screamed.

I saw Haydn’s brown eyes wide in shock, and I grabbed his hands and dragged him away. His hands were so big I was so clumsy grabbing it. He may be young but he was still a foot taller than me.

“Catch them!” I heard the guy shout, and I panicked I hoped Hunter found us in time.

We kept running the thing about this city was, it was like a maze. It was hard to see where anyone was going, even though there was a crowd. It was still easy to figure out your movements, if you haven’t run or anything and tried to blend in. And each passerby stared at us thinking what the hell we were doing. I asked the same question what the hell I was doing.

“Keep running don’t look back!” I breathed

“Why should I listen to you!” He shouted and made us stop half way, he let go of my hand roughly and I looked at him and groaned.

“Don’t do this now please Haydn just run or else we are doomed!” I cried

I grabbed his hands again gripping it hard as possible, even when he protested I didn’t care. We ended up in a rural area and I gulped. I have never been this way and I wasn’t sure which end to go now.

“Blair this way!” I heard and I looked to see on my left Aiyana.

Was she running with us too? Where was she? I didn’t see her and I blanked out and ran towards her and hoped they wouldn’t find us. I saw her distress and I was sure that someone would be following her they weren’t stupid. And I looked around; I was sweating so much I had never been this athletic before not even for sports day.

“Thanks!” I breathed

“No worries are you ok?” She asked concerned

“What kind of joke is this were you following me!” He growled, and I didn’t want to say the truth not yet anyways.

“Be quiet Haydn they will find us!” I cried and he didn’t listen

And it wasn’t long that they had found us, I nearly cried. The last thing I wanted was them dead and me as well. I was still a kid and worst of all they were as well, and I worried for them more than me. So I stood in front of them even though it was useless because we had cornered into a dead end. I cursed some words under my breath I saw Aiyana look at me amused in some ways but scared.

“Don’t touch them” I said

“Why shouldn’t we!” Shouted the man and grabbed for Haydn.

“Let go!” I shouted, and I got pushed back.

I saw the guy; punch Haydn in the stomach so hard I moaned. It looked so painful and I was trying to get near him, but the guys had stood in front of me and I couldn’t. This wasn’t happening I didn’t want to be blamed for the death of this boy I couldn’t handle it this wasn’t a good idea. Where was Hunter!

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