Chapter 26 - Confessions of a teenage sister

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 26 – Confessions from a teenage sister


I was still annoyed about last night; no I was scared that was the problem with me. I was scared to talk, I was afraid that if I had heard or saw anything that they did, I would be dead. Anyone would be dead and I had an aching feeling to see my grandfather at this moment. He was the only person I wanted to trust in this matter and tell. But it was troubling getting out of the house after last night.

I had managed to persuade Hunter via phone that I would be ok. I mean ok to visit Haru that was I knew he wouldn’t mind. It’s not like I was seeing other men or anything. But there was an annoying feeling of being trapped. I felt like my wings were tied behind my back and I couldn’t get free, no matter how many times I had bashed the cage to be free, I was trapped and broken.

I was walking up to his room when I heard voices and I wasn’t sure who it was. I just hoped it wasn’t the boys. I really wanted to speak to Haru by myself and really apologize.

But when I opened the door, I saw none other than Erica and I was surprised. Surprised she knew Haru was here and also the fact that, she had come rushing towards me in full speed I didn’t see anything coming. I felt the sting of the slap and I knew I should be mad but right now I was just too shocked at what happened.

“You stupid bitch! I can’t believe you left him there!” She yelled and I blinked, it took me a while to recollect my thoughts. “I can’t believe you just saw him lay there in his own blood what kind of human are you!”

“Don’t jump to conclusions!” I said under my breath, the last thing we needed was drama and me being kicked out of the hospital. “Keep you tone down!” I warned her, I saw Haru was still asleep and I didn’t want to wake him.

“Get out!” She gritted her teeth and I looked at her like she was stupid “You have no right to leave the guy who likes you, on the ground like that you should be ashamed”

I didn’t want to say anything, I wasn’t sure if I should or not. Because my time was with Haru not her and I wasn’t about to explain, what had happened on that day. If she knew what had gone on, it would be the death of me literally. And I meant it not only would I be dead by my family, but also Hunter for involving people again.

“Ok fine” I said and my shoulders slumped she looked shocked but why?

“Is that it? Is that how you will fight for him unbelievable” she yelled at me fury in her eyes “Un-bloody-believable”

“What do you want me to do Erica?” I said to her hard “I know why you are acting like this, I know you like him I know that, but I can’t seem to get a word in without you jumping down my throat” I rushed “And I can honestly tell you I am not going out with him” I said

“Liar, you always were don’t sprout such lies to me!” She declared “You’re an ungrateful wench!” She decalared, at that moment I didn’t need to worry too much, well I did but I was surprised he even heard anything.

“Erica!” Haru yelled and she turned around shocked

“Haru you-you are awake” she stammered embarrassed

“Don’t you dare say anything to her” he said angrily pushing himself up with his one hand, staring hard at the girl she turned beet red and on verge of tears.

“You did this on purpose to make look stupid didn’t you? I hate you Blair I always have and always will I can’t believe you could be so heartless, to embarrass me like this” she shouted at me

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