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This book is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real people, or real locales are used fictitiously. Other names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination, and any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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In love with a Yakuza



“Erm excuse me could I get three onions, four carrots, six apples, those bananas and some pears please?” The girl gestured to those key figures and hoped the old man had understood her. “Oh and those lady fingers as well and potatoes!”

“Here you go Blair, make sure the food is tasty alright” the man on the cart tipped his hat at the young girl and smiled.

“Of course Mr. Bold thank you again” she smiled at the old man and took the bag of him as she paid and walked slowly towards her home.

The day wasn’t good, it was raining heavily as the market people were slowly closing down, the girl was lucky enough to get her ingredients. Sighing with relief she shifted the bags in her arms, and started walking towards her house.

She was determined to make her curry tonight as she pondered to herself. It was so bad raining that she didn’t see where she was heading off to, and unbeknownst to her had landed herself in a middle of a fight. Cursing her luck she saw the people around her run away, and some even manage to hide behind their carts. What was going on?

“HOLD STILL!” Growled a man besides her, she screamed a hand covered her mouth and she panicked what should she do? The man beside her held on to the umbrella she had, and casually walked past the fight in this dreary weather like it was normal.

“HOLD IT THERE KID!” Screamed a man who looked about in his early forties with a growing beard, clad in a wet black suit did she fail to realise that it was a gang to gang fight and she’s trapped!

“Sorry” grumbled the man and pushed her aside to fly kick the guy in the gut, as she scrambled off the floor hoping not to be trampled as the man who went flying past her, and fell on top of the cart and crashed, she bit back her scream.

She gathered up her shopping and hoped she could run away this time, but it was so slippery she kept slipping as she tried to get away. The wetness that covered her face was stopping her from seeing clearly, and she let out a frustrated scream as she was knocked back once more. She fell to the side of the ground and groaned she prayed she didn’t have any broken bones.

“Hold still I’ve got the girl now come save her, you demon!” Shouted the man who pulled the girl up, she winced in agony as she managed to scrape her knee in process. But was shocked to find so many men fighting and worst of all making herself hostage.

“Let me go” she screamed

“Shut up!” Growled the man as he held the knife in between her throat “If you want her alive come here now!” He muttered

“Please let me go!” She cried “My poor potatoes” she whimpered “My lovely curry is ruined!” She cried louder.

“Let the girl go” shouted the man whom she noticed standing in front of her feet’s away. She recognized him from somewhere and she couldn’t put her finger to it. The only problem was keeping herself alive, as she can’t believe she managed to get herself caught in this drama.

She really knew him from somewhere, but she couldn’t tell where. And then it hit her, dark coloured eyes flashed and she knew who the boy was. It was a guy who went to her school, a guy who was five years older than her and went to the campus university, that shocked her. What was he doing here she thought was he a gangster?

“Help, let me go” she squirmed until she was roughly pushed back, and the knife was inches away from slicing her.

“Be quiet, tell me are you scared demon!” The man shouted but there was no response, as the police sirens could be heard from a miles away and the man beside her cursed.

Shoving her so hard she toppled over the boy in front of her, who held on tightly around her small waist hoping not to hurt her too much. The sirens got louder the girl was shivering with anger, she couldn’t believe something like this happened and ruined her good mood. She found herself staring into glittering dark eyes that shown dangerously as he held on to her. He noticed the shockingly amber coloured gems that seemed to be surprised and angry.

Neither said anything they didn’t realise that fate had played a small trick on them, and they didn’t apprehend that they would soon be joined by awkward circumstances. When the sirens came closer the boy panicked and shifted himself, but couldn’t do that as the girl was too heavy.

kuso” he cursed brightly which made her gasp as she fell to the side, and watched the boy run away into the rain without a glance back. She finally realised miserably that she was drenched head to toe and she couldn’t make her curry tonight.


Glossary – Kuso means Shit in Japanese

SO here it is a new story! not that I should be doing any cause of uni work and all! but I think i can multitask hehe! hope you enjoyed! leave a comment if you want :3


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