Chapter 14 - Runaway bride

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 14 – Runaway bride


“Are you awake?” I heard someone on the other side

I blinked a couple of times and leant over to see the time. I was late, I shot out of bed to open the paper door I saw Carina standing there with her frown on her face. The colour drained fro my face, I don’t remember a lot of last night and I was pretty sure I was drunk. Whatever I had during the wedding process it made me dizzy and light headed, I was really not well.

“Oh Ca- I mean Grandmother” I stuttered it felt a pain to call her something I wasn’t used to. My own grandmother passed away before I was born.

“Downstairs in five mins” she said huffily and turned away before I could say anything. Was she mad at me? What did I do again?

It dawned on me as I shut the door that I was married now. Yes fully married in another country without the man in the same room as me. I counted my blessings with that and hoped he wasn’t in the same room as me at all. I quickly showered and dressed as I went downstairs, I heard everyone talking one by one. It was cheerful and beautiful completely different to what I was used to at all. This tightened the knot in my stomach as I stepped in everyone stared at me, I felt all eyes swivel towards mine. I gulped, I saw Hunter in the corner his face the only one turned away.

“Come in Blair sit with us” Kei motioned I gingerly took a seat between Haru and Riley, I was far away from Hunter as possible and to me he looked even worse than I did.

It was hard concentrating with it being quiet. I didn’t move I was scared too I saw my grandfathers face wallow in fear. I stared at everyone else I don’t know what I did, but something must have pissed them off badly.

“Why is everyone so tense?” Kei bellowed everyone jumped and stared at the man “Carina what rudeness is this, this child doesn’t deserve silence” he said angrily

“Ke- I mean Grandpa Kei It’s alright please don’t yell on my accord” I replied standing up

“Please dear sit down, Carina I asked a question” Kei looked at his wife who stared back coyly, she was one tough women.

“I do not respect behaviour like that; especially at the party she had no right” Carina retaliated Kei sighed

“I – Do you mind telling me what I had said?” I asked fiddling with my top now

“You said a lot of things child, thing’s that will never be uttered again” Carina mumbled

“I apologize for my actions then I did not mean to say things whatever they were to you please do not be angry” I replied back, I don’t know what I said but I knew that deep down I shouldn’t be saying sorry it was them.

“Look she apologized, now eat we have to hurry soon our flight will leave soon” Kei clapped and the noise started again.

I saw everyone talking amongst each other, Riley held a nice conversation with me but my heart wasn’t in it. And if people had noticed how nervous I was earlier they would have seen that my whole body was trembling. I took a side glance at Hunter watched him stare at me and then look away. I have no idea how I was going to fix something like this. I felt even more disheartened than ever and I was the new bride as well. I don’t deserve this treatment I should have never agreed to anything.

I had felt like a tool right then. I had felt at that moment embarrassed not for me but for my family. Whatever I had said must have tumbled out one by one, and it was hard enough with things being meddled. I sighed; I picked up my bag from the room, and rushed down. Declan with his emerald eyes twinkling came and took my bag for me, I insisted I was ok holding it but he refused my attempts and held the bag. Riley came and pulled me towards the car we were going to head to, and I sat down besides Haru. My heart thumped loudly in my chest, I had said personal things to him and I confessed I was in love with someone else. I hope he didn’t think I was a player already I paled at the thought.

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