Chapter 1 - Run in

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 1


I winced as I walked home in the rain, my ingredients that flew out of my bag during the terrible fight, I only managed to save half of it. And I was depressed that I couldn’t make anything tonight that I liked, once I arrived to my place I noticed a few cars surrounding the area. Scared, I quickly walked inside.

I lived in an old looking house, slightly small fit for three people at least. But then again it was just me and grandfather who lived here. Only so I wasn’t so worried about that, I was worried about who it could be and what happened? So when I walked towards the door I saw about fifteen men in black lined up, who all looked at me in one motion making me jump and squeal. Which was very unladylike me of course.

They didn’t say anything so I rushed inside in panic, only realising that they were the same men who were at the market. Wondering why they were even in here in the first place, made my heart beat erratically.

“Grandpa where are you?” I screamed my voice reverberated in the small house.

“Kitten come here! Hurry” I heard grandfathers rusty voice yell out and I rushed towards the living room hoping he was ok.

Only to see three people shadowing him, worried I was about to do something until I saw someone lift up my pink panther cup and sip from it. Crestfallen, I couldn’t help but scream in terror at someone else using it, only to notice that it was the same guy who pushed me and ran away.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” I screamed, I saw him still sipping from my cup looking up to see me amused.

“What’s wrong kitten?” My grandfather asked startled

“Grandpa that’s the guy at the market who pushed me, and dropped all my ingredients and ran away” I yelled angrily, pointing fingers at him.

“Alright but calm down and tell me what happened” my grandfather muttered, he was so old sometimes it was hard to communicate.

I stared at the boy who smirked at me; I blushed ten shades of red at my outburst along with my terrible manners and cursed myself again.

“Why are they here they’re criminals!” I screamed in fury, crossing my arms in frustraion.

“I didn’t raise you to be rude now calm down” My grandfather yelled back, I grimaced at the tone.

“NO!” I screamed “Grandpa you don’t understand, they ruined everything and he's a gangster, he was in a fight just minutes ago” I cried, looking at my grandfather with pleading eyes “He's also drinking off my cup” I groaned.

“We can always buy a new one stop being so childish!” My grandfather yelled back tired already.

“I can’t believe you’re not telling them to get lost, I saw them fight just earlier and I got captured because of them” I cried in anger and frustration, how I could explain it more clearly to him that they were not good people.

“Say what?” My grandfather paled and I moaned I shouldn’t have said it now.

“Don’t worry Mr.Vanvoreen I clearly saved her” said the man sitting calmly drinking from my cup with a smirk playing on his pink lips, which irritated me as he sat there watching this scene.

“After you pushed me and ran away what a joke!” I yelled in frustration

“Now now Blair you’re ok now, stop embarrassing me and sit down let me introduce you” he said sadly and patted the seat next to him, in no way was I going to go and do that. I was already angry and wet, not forgetting hungry too.

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