Chapter 15 - Face off

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 15 – Face Off


I had managed to get home somehow from the rain; they were very very late when they had found me. I was drenched to the bone and shivering. I didn’t even listen to Hunter and I made him walk with me in the rain, I was so angry. He had easily forgotten about me like that, left me near bodies that were amputated! Did he think I had a gut of steel or something?

The night passed by, and by the time they got fed up of my rebellious side. Hunter had managed to carry me over his shoulders and dragged me into the car. I screamed and kicked but he refused to let me down. I was boiling with so much anger a wedding to remember damn right it was. How lucky I was it was filled with so much blood and gore. I didn’t need to get any red roses at all or anything because the blood had made up for it. They covered the bodies like flowers and I was filled with disgust, so when he dumped me in the car and we drove off he tried to apologize.

I refused to talk. We walked back inside the house, and saw that the people had all gone to sleep. What a day it’s been, I nearly blew a fit when I glared at him through my damp hair that night. I wasn’t sure if I would burst something, I went upstairs got changed took a shower and then made myself a bed on the couch. I didn’t care anymore, I had school in the morning and the worst thing I needed right now was something like this. When everyone goes to sleep the house is dark and empty, I’m left with a man who forgot me and left me in a sea full of bodies. On a wedding day like this it just wasn’t good enough.

So that’s how I woke up angry and annoyed with blood shot eyes, staring back at the family with a frown on my face. I watched Hunter who still looked a bit confused, but I didn’t let him see anything besides my death glares. I hope he notices them at least then I will feel good.

But he seemed too into the conversation with Kei and I wondered. No I was curious as to what they were talking about. So I sat back and hoped I could at least manage to read lips.


“Hunter is this a wise thing to do, look at what happened last night” Kei said angry

“I know what you are thinking, It is and this person is important enough to have this girl as a substitute” I exclaimed

“If you are sure, she will not face more serious dangers like losing a limb or two then I will continue this. But for now I wish to keep her safe as possible regardless of your game” Kei interjected

“Don’t tell me grandfather she is growing on you?” I asked with my eyebrows raised

“I do not have to like or not like her, that is my problem but I do not want my best friend to lose enough people in his family as it happens. She looks just like her grandmother, it would kill him if the girl is dead before he is” Kei replied angrily

“I know grandfather that is why I will protect her but she will be a useful tool in my plan.” I replied back sadly I looked at the old man, I saw the girl on the other side.

She was giving me death glares, and I wasn’t surprised. After last night who wouldn’t. I sighed, was I being stupid? She was making it harder and harder to deal with and I wasn’t sure what to do anymore. But I must know I need to get this all done soon. I don’t have much time so I need to find out or else I will not be able to rest.

But I did feel bad she didn’t get much sleep, she must have had terrible nightmares. But I wasn’t a type of guy who comforted I was the opposite. I can only do so little, but marrying me was her choice which helped me, so it wasn’t wrong to be a little bit off with her. It was in my nature to do this; I wasn’t used to what she was.

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