Chapter 4 - Meet the family

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 4 – Meet the Family


I wasn’t feeling so well now, I was due in Hunters house to meet his family in ten seconds. Was I dressed nicely I kept thinking, was my hair ok? Then I mentally slapped myself why was I worrying over something so trivial, I didn’t even want to get married. What was wrong with me? The problem was he had a family and I was clearly jealous and envious of that. What he had I wanted, was that so wrong?

I was wearing wedges today so it looked like I was taller, I was probably a bit shorter compared to Hunter but I did feel good. I wore a simple two toned lace cocktail dress, crème at the bottom and black at the arms hopefully it was ok. I placed on my black cardigan and hoped to lord it wouldn’t rain. I had placed my hair in a French knot and had on small jewellery as possible, which included the necklace that Hunter's ring was on but yet I still felt out of place. I was still annoyed at Hunter and it didn’t help he wasn’t here to pick me up and it was the driver.

When we stepped out, as in me and my grandfather who decided to join me, our jaws were down to the ground. Well I know mine was but the looks of it this house was like something out of a Japanese movie. They had managed to make a gate so tall and strong it was no wonder we couldn’t guess where they lived. It was a sukiya styled Japanese gate that was made out of strong wood, so it was good for protection, so when we knocked and rang the buzzer. It opened by itself and we walked in awe, I stared up front and we saw a small pond nearby the house was a bit longer to walk to. And it amazed me how big it was, fit enough for four families or more, I was getting worried at this point forward.

“Welcome Ojou-san” said an elderly man as he opened the door for us to the house.

“Thank you” I replied and stared at where the hell I was. This was so unreal the house was huge inside it was a mix between western and eastern styled rooms.

“This way Ojou-san” said the man and me and grandfather looked at each other and moved with him.

We went inside to see a long narrow hallway filled with such delicate stuff I was scared I would bump into it, which I will because I was clumsy like that. When we finally stepped to what I hoped the main room, the man slid the paper door open to reveal a very astonishing looking living room. It was very oriental with a lot of red and golden colours the statues and very intricate designs. I was momentarily blown away that my grandfather had to nudge me to wake me up.

“Hello Blair, welcome Michael!” Said Kei as he came and greeted us, he shook grandfather’s hands and gave me a hug which was very surprising for me.

“Hello” I replied shyly I could see a lot of heads turned towards us two.

“Lovely house Kei, beautiful” said grandfather

“Don’t be so coy come in! This is your house as well as mine now” he laughed “Come meet the family” he said as he walked towards a fine looking women who didn’t look so old to me.

“Carina come see Michael again!” Kei shouted as a woman in a lovely kimono had entered her bright blonde hair tied up neatly on her head, it wasn’t enough to show that she looked beautiful.

“Michael, it’s been a while” said the women, I knew from the way she spoke she was Australian her accent was still thick. Yet the way she looked at me and grandfather I knew she didn’t like us oh the joy I thought.

“Carina, don’t you look young still” grandfather smirked at the lady who huffed and glared at him. I hid my smile and nearly laughed.

“Come in why don’t you Blair meet the family” Kei urged, as he placed his arms over my shoulder and pushed me through the glass doors this time.

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