Chapter 8 - A lesson learnt

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 8 – A lesson learnt


After last night’s fiasco, I stayed over with Seth. I cried myself to sleep and all I kept thinking about was Hunters soulful eyes. He was nothing but a fantasy, he was the type grandfather told me to ignore. But now look at me; I will be married to him in a couple of days. And all the more embarrassing he saw me cry saw my weak side.

“You're awake sorry but I have to go in early want to rest up” Seth peered at me I rubbed my eyes and blushed, he was too close for comfort.

“What time is it?” I asked groggily

“It just turned ten” he said as he peered at his watch.

“Oh ten” I said lazily and then my eyes shot open “Ten! It’s freaking Ten! Shit!” I cried and rushed to wash my face in the bathroom.

I rubbed myself dry, and rushed to my bag and got out whatever I had packed. This probably wasn’t a lot when I groaned and looked at what I had gotten. I couldn’t go back home to change either. I was stuck wearing a T-shirt and a dungaree. Great now I would look like a farm animal when I arrived at their doorstep I groaned I couldn’t believe this. And I had to go meet with grandfather later too, but I couldn’t cancel this. Maybe I should they deserved it. But If I did my grandfather would kill me and demand to go home. I couldn’t afford that, especially now I needed all the time to get the money as well.

“You ok, it looks like you’re in turmoil” he said

“Oh Seth, I will be by later to help with work if that is ok with you” I questioned, he gave me a squeeze on the shoulder and smiled.

“No problem I will let the staff know, is it because of the cash?” he said

“Yes, but thank you so much, I promise to be there around two thank you again” I cried and went to take a quick shower and dry my hair. I was done in ten minutes but it felt longer.

I rolled up the legs of my dungarees and tied my hair in a high ponytail. I slipped on my black vans. And rushed out like a maniac. I didn’t have time to pack anything to take with me. And I thought there was no need either considering I was going to learn things. I rushed home to see the driver who waited. I felt guilty already and apologized as I got in. It took us half hour to actually get there, as there was no traffic. So it wasn’t a problem.

By the time we arrive it was nearly eleven, and I cried silently. To make it worse I don’t know why I even bothered being careful. My grandfather’s in hospital I am allowed to be late. But the fear in my heart won’t stop pit-a-patting at this moment.

“Ah Ojou, they are waiting for you” the butler opened the door and I mentally checked if I looked ok.

I walked behind the butler, and I heard the faint voices of argument. I heard a few harsh words here and there and I grimaced. Should I bother going in? Or maybe not. I know hundred percent they would go tell grandfather and I couldn’t afford him dead before I wed. How simple it would have been for a tiny marriage, but nope I have to go through this long process. In another damn country, and not even here. When the butler opened the door I peered through.

I saw the heads turn towards me. And I held my breath waiting. I saw Hunter in the corner drinking his juice after the incident last night. And What I said I was embarrassed to even look at him. I saw another lady this time and I wondered who she was. I also saw my father in law and his sister close by. I was in for real trouble right now.

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