Chapter 7 - Bitter Truth

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 7 – Bitter truth


I panicked, I moved my grandfather around, and hoped he could hear me. As I called his name over and over again, he didn’t move, he didn’t breathe and now I sobbed louder than possible. I didn’t know what to do; I have never been in this situation before. It killed me inside, is this, what he meant about leaving me? This couldn’t be happening, my poor grandfather.

I fumbled to type on my phone, I was shaking so much. And as weird as it was I dialled Hunters number hoping he would come quickly. I knew one thing was on my mind, to get my grandfather to the hospital. To get him treated and well, I know he is in grave danger right now critical even. I heard a dial tone and I stared at the phone in astonishment. Could this be real? Was he ignoring my calls or was he actually busy? I dialled again, no answer I  moaned. I couldn’t believe this; I was so angry and so tired I was literally crying my eyes out now.

I was so scared, but I was being an idiot. I was waiting like an idiot. I called Seth and hoped he would pick up soon, and with the first ring I heard his soothing voice and I cried so hard. I thought I was making rivers in my own house. He panicked and kept asking me to stop but I couldn’t, I heard myself choke out words.

“Seth – Se- Seth grandfather!” I sobbed loudly and he didn’t need to hear anything else.

“Stay right there call an ambulance, be calm and wait for me” he said in a rush and I heard the click, I stared at the phone and grandfather. I was being stupid I needed to call now, I punched in the numbers and waited.

“Operator” said a woman

“Ambulance!” I cried

“Hold on let me put you through” she said beeeep

“Hello Ambulance team” said a man

“I need help my grandfather is not breathing” I shouted

“Ok miss tell me where you live and please be calm” said the man was he stupid how I can be calm.

“46 snowfield court, Alexander road” I replied and hope they hurried.

I waited. I waited and it felt like ages. I was still crying and I held my grandfathers head on my lap. Hoping he would survive. I couldn’t hear him breathe and then they came. Like a roaring tide they burst through the door and marched towards me. All I remember was seeing everything in slow motion. They lifted my grandfather onto a stretcher as I lay on the ground staring at them do it. It felt like time had stopped for me, all I heard was my breathing. And watching them move my old grandfather away, barking orders. Everything was mute; my breathing was more reliant now.

I saw Seth’s beautiful face stare at me and I groaned. As he held me up I heard the noise go away.I felt Seth push me towards the door. I moved automatically. I didn’t know what I was doing. It felt like a dream right now no, a nightmare. Was this even possible? I don’t know how I got to the hospital, I was waiting again.

Waiting for him to come back to me, because without him I was nothing. I felt Seth pushing my head on to his shoulders; I looked at him and heard his kind words.

“Cry Blair, I cant bare to see you in pain” he whispered

And when I thought of his body laying there once again I convulsed in my tears and felt myself shudder. The thought only brought back bitter truths that he will die. That he will never be with me even now. And I have no one left and it would take forever to heal. I was crying out of frustration and anger, frustration of the truth and anger because of Hunter. The phone call just made my life fall to pieces. And when I sat their tearing away on to Seth I felt his protective arms around me. He was being so kind and it hurt my heart. That I couldn’t be with him, my first love and my first friend. The one who I always lent my shoulders and problems too. Who helped me through things?

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